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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$


Water (Aqua), Rhizobian Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Biotin (Vitamin H), Panthenol, Pantethine, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Allantoin, Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Extract (Pumpkin), Sea Water, Dipotassium EDTA, Glycyrrhizate, Alcohol Denatured (and Isopropyl Cloprostenate), Octapeptide 2, Copper Tripeptide, Glycerin, Glycine Soja (Soybean Oil), Phosphatidylcholine, Polypeptide 23, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenisen, Sorbic Acid


Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I bought my 2nd tube today -- it was on sale at Ulta for $35 and I used a 20% off coupon. The packaging is completely opaque, so I have no idea how much is left in there. I just felt like the little wand was a lot less loaded with product the last few days and thought I might as well take advantage of the sale price at Ulta and the coupon.

I've been using for 10 weeks. And I've been pretty diligently documenting the growth of my lashes, which means you know I completely followed the directions and faithfully applied the product on the lashlines & brows of my eyes every night for the last 10 weeks. I only missed one night in all that time. I did not really see results until after about 5-6 weeks.

So for the lashes -- I had very typical Asian lashes -- short, straight, point straight down, sparse. The lower lashes are probably there somewhere, but are not visible to the naked eye. (For all those Asian sisters who say they hate their "Asian" lashes -- please stop; genetically, the straight strong lashes that point straight down had the benefits of keeping dust and other crap flying around from getting into your eyes, okay?! :-)

I was able to measure lashes getting longer in about 5 weeks. They weren't really that long or anything, but hey, they were so short to begin with, that I was impressed with whatever I could get. After about 7 weeks, I started to notice that the lashes were a lot longer and thicker. So, even without measuring, it was clear that the lashes had really grown and filled out.

Now, I had always had to wear eye liner to "fake it" like I had lashes. And it would never matter whether I curled my lashes and wore mascara -- they were just never going to show. For the first time in my life, I actually tried curling my lashes and just wearing mascara and nothing else -- and I was able to pull it off! Now I know what my non-Asian sisters can do on a daily basis. I always wondered what the hell women were talking about when they said on "in a hurry" days, they'd just put on mascara and go.

So my upper lashes have really gotten long and the outer corners curl on their own (but not ideally -- they don't fan 'out' but curl in a weird way that make them appear shorter than they are). There are some super-long lashes that are 1/2 inch long, and then a bunch of others of varying lengths. I think there are definitely a bunch of baby lashes growing in in various places on the upper lash line too.

The lower lashes are definitely longer than before, but I'm not very good at putting mascara on them to show them off yet (probably from years of NEVER ever bothering, lol, I mean how are you supposed to put mascara on something you can't even see?). They are not nearly as long as the upper lashes. Caveat: I'm not sure, but Rapidlash might be darkening the skin under my lower lashes. So now I've started using concealer to brighten my lower eye area, which I'd never had to before, but I'm willing to make the trade-off, if Rapidlash is somehow causing the discoloration. It is really nice not having to rely on eyeliner to define the lower lashline because I have salty oily tears that will dissolve any/every hardcore waterproof eyeliner including Urban Decay 24/7 in Perversion. I just try my best to put mascara on my lower lashes now and they look all right!

Brows -- OMG. I have brows like I'm almost a teenager again! I had tweezed & trimmed my brows for over 15 years, creating that sexy arch that Madonna had during the 90s. Now that I'm older, I'm definitely into trying to turn back the clock as far as my brows. So I just stopped tweezing my brows for the first 4 weeks and actually putting a lot of Rapidlash all where I wanted browhair to grow back. It totally worked and it looks like my brows are growing back exactly in the places where I used product. Totally shocking.

It looks like results vary depending on individual predispositions. (Like I don't even know if the people claiming they saw results in 2 1/2 weeks are for real -- I felt like nothing was happening until the 5th week!) A lot of people say the product does nothing for their brows, but it produced amazing results for my brows. I only wish I had better results with lower lashes.

Second "con" in addition to my under eye area possibly becoming darkened by use of this product might be that it is causing the facial hair under my eyes (not lower lashes) on outer corner to grow or darken as well. I might have to bleach them. Still, I'm not concerned enough to stop using this product.

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