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Package Quality: 4.4

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Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$




Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

This is a review for the Mia 2 after 3 months of use. Will update if anything changes.
My skin: slightly sensitive, dehydrated, VERY clog prone, combination skin (oily t-zone, normal cheeks). I used to have terrible acne but Iíve gotten rid of that by changing my diet (cut out dairy, reduced sugar & added omega 3). My skin is pretty Ďthickí- it renews very quickly and never scars. It needs a lot of exfoliation to prevent clogged pores. The skin problems Iím still battling are all in my t-zone: oiliness, large pores, blackheads and sebaceous filaments.
The main reason I bought the clarisonic is because my skin needs daily exfoliation and the products I was using for that (BHA & AHA, muslin cloth) had some drawbacks. I love BHA and AHA - they got rid of many of my Ďclosedí clogged pores/whiteheads - but I canít use them daily. That thins out my skin too much (scars wonít heal) and it also causes a lot of flakiness, for which I then still need to manually exfoliate. The combination of chemical + manual exfoliation is too much. So I use BHA/AHA max. once in 2 weeks all over, though I use BHA more often as a spot treatment on clogged pores.
Purging: I was really afraid and a bit skeptical of this purging period a lot of people experienced and I thought it might be because of irritation. I thought only actives could cause purging and I know irritation can cause break-outs as well. So I started out by using it once a day instead of twice, just to be sure. My skin purged a little, but itís really not as bad as it sounds and it was not due to irritation. I know what irritation break-outs look like on me: flat, raised, red, unpoppable bumps (if I do try to pop them only a clear liquid comes out). All that happened since I started using the clarisonic was that a few existing smaller impurities (whiteheads, clogged pores) that wouldnít come to a head, now actually came to the surface as whiteheads. I could easily extract them, after which they were invisible. My skin never looked worse since I started using the clarisonic. So the purging was minor and only happened on areas where I had impurities prior to starting the clarisonic. It was very similar to the purging I experienced when I first started using BHA and AHA, which was also minor like this. The purging lasted for about 2 weeks.
After around 2 months I noticed my skin loved the clarisonic so much that I decided to try and use it twice a day. This was fine with my skin (which I didn't expect), no irritation. But after a month or so I didn't notice any improvement from just using once a day, so I went back to using it once a day. I can use it 2x a day but don't find it necessary so I don't. It's important that you don't press the clarisonic onto your skin though. That makes the sonic movements less effective and also more aggravating. I just place it onto my skin, no pressure, and make circular motions.
Results: when I used the clarisonic for the first time I didnít notice a massive difference like some people described. My skin was soft indeed, but itís also soft after using a muslin cloth. The difference to me was that it stayed soft for much longer. It was still soft by the next evening and that was new to me. It got softer and softer as the days progressed. Now I do feel that my skin is softer than it has ever been. I also do really feel like my products absorb better/faster because of this product.
As for my blackheads: it did not clear them overnight. The first couple of times I still noticed the blackheads sticking out of my pores after the shower as usual, but after a couple of days I noticed this getting less and less. They were still there and just as visible, it just felt like theyíd been decapitated (haha). The surface feels a lot smoother. The pores are just as big I suppose, but there is much less gunk in it so they are less apparent.
Overall, I notice my skin has become more clear as well. I just noticed that I had to wear less and less concealer on my face, up to a point I now only use it under my eyes.
Concluding I can say that his has made my skin softer than it has ever been, even compared to muslin cloth/exfoliating facewash/bha/aha, and most importantly: without any flakiness. It also makes my products absorb better.
So the clarisonic did what I bought it for. It replaced my other exfoliants and my skin is now softer than it has ever been - without flakiness! My make-up goes on much smoother and my skin glows. I only use BHA and AHA every once in a while now (and skip the clarisonic for a day if I do). I do still use BHA as my go to spot treatment, but there isnít much to spot treat anymore.
I just like to emphasize that the change didn't happen overnight for me. It was a very gradual process. So if you don't see results right away, give it some time.
In the end I am very happy with this purchase and I wonít go a day without it. If Iím traveling, this comes with me. I canít speak for any other skin types than my own, but I would recommend it if you have skin similar to mine. If I lost this I would repurchase it in a hearbeat.

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