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Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$




Age: 36-43

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Very interesting experiment for me in buying the Mia. I say this because I already own the regular Clarisonic Pro skin care brush in pink (I retired that one to a closet over a year ago). I was never blown away by the regular version. I always felt kind of silly using it because it seemed like nothing more than a brush attached to a vibrator leaving me to still do all the work. I never felt it truly oscillate. I looked at it when it was on and it just seemed to vibrate and that was that (and no it was not defective because I played with another one at a completely different store and it did the same thing). I held it lightly against the skin and it just didn't seem as powerful or as effective as I had heard it would be. The oscillation felt weak (and I kept it fully charged). I ended up doing what I think a lot of people do which causes those flare ups of acne when using the regular version. I found myself pressing a bit harder and manually moving it in a circular motion around my face as it should have done on it's own (only gentler perhaps). I really think that's what probably made my acne worse with the regular brush.

I noticed that the percentage of people who would buy this version again was much higher than the regular version (this caught my eye). I also know that sometimes things that come in smaller packages are actually more powerful. I personally liked the clean look of the one that comes in white and decided to give it a try. I figured if I wasn't happy with it for any reason, I could just return it to Sephora. I love the size of the Mia, and find that it feels so much better in my hand. It's not as heavy or bulky, and yet the brush size is the same. It's got a much niftier charger, which is simple to use and takes up almost no counter space.

I smiled when I turned it on and used it for the first time. Finally I felt some real oscillation! I could feel it oscillate on my face (never got that from the regular version). All you have to do is lightly press it to your face and move it around and let it do most of the work for you. If you press too hard, the oscillation slows down a great deal. As someone who owns both versions, I feel this is definitely more powerful and effective. It may be a result of having the motor in a smaller housing thereby giving you more power and punch. Unlike so many of the exfoliating creams and scrubs out there that leave your face soft due to the residue left behind after using them, this leaves your skin soft and silky smooth all on it's own! This is what I was looking for. I use this with my Clinique soap (lathers like crazy which I love) and it leaves my skin so incredibly soft and smooth!

You don't need fancy cleansers with this. Just plain soap and water and you get a spa style exfoliation. Simple, clean and highly effective. I love how this exfoliates just enough for your face to accept whatever treatment you want to use next (I just use the soap). It helps my Clinique Acne Solutions soap penetrate better and really amps up the effectiveness of that product, and any other treatment I choose to use. It will just sit there on the top layer of your skin and do nothing if you don't exfoliate. I learned that the hard way with many products. They can't penetrate your skin and do much of anything if you have all this dead skin built up. This gives your skin so much clarity! My face looks polished and healthy. It gives you a very natural and healthy glow.

By the way, this is the best lip exfoliator out there (and I've tried them all). When I am done treating my face (I never use just one cycle anyway), I just push the button again and run it over my entire lip area. I just use my regular shower soap (Oil Of Olay Ultra Moisture), and let it flutter all over my lathered lips, polishing away all the debris and dead skin. You can really feel the difference when you get out of the shower and put on your favorite lip balm! The Mia is a keeper all the way! I'm so glad I decided to take a chance on this one!

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