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I can't give an honest review on the anti-aging 'preventative measures' claims, but i do like it under moisturizer. I *think* it has a brightening effect, seeing that my skintone is very even and bright... although any number of reasons can be attributed to that, e.g the good genes courtesy of my as yet unwrinkled parents, my regular skincare regime which includes an exfoliant every few days, my adamant protocol of sunscreen or staying out of sun when possible, good moisturizer, or my face masks every few days. So i can't be certain that this serum brightens or truly hydrates. However, as psychological, soothing reinforcement that perhaps i won't look like i came out of a train wreck in years to come, it is wonderful. What else would justify the unnecessary expenditures we vain and worried customers make?

Edit- when i use just this as serum i get small pimples under the skin. This is a recent thing, perhaps i have become sensitive to one of the ingredients? Rating dropped accordingly.
edit: just wanted to add that, for me, using rosehip oil in recent months has made an actual, significant difference that one can gauge: scars have faded, skin is smoother, under-eye lines are gone, no pimples. With ANR i still (when i use it) get pimples on occasion. With rosehip oil, nope. And with ANR the results are not cumulative--when it's on, it feels good, but if i stop using it for a day or so, my skin is back to normal.
With rosehip oil, the results are more lasting (to me anyway).
.btw as an aside--the whole patents pending worldwide thing is rubbish--you can patent anything and it doesn't make your product any better than any other product. Read beautyandthebullshit. Blogspot . Com blog on this (not affil)
So now, i sometimes use both, R.oil during the day, ANR at night-- just to use up my ANR, but once it's finished, I won't repurchase as I have found an all-purpose serum, better suited to me. If i was a rich old fart, I would use both, and if you ARE rich, I suggest that, as r.o. has actual documented antioxidant properties, vit c, vit e, all those naturally occurring whatnots--but ANR has hyaluronic acid and their ferment thingy--so a combo of the two sounds cool. >>>>

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