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Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I first started using this around 2 years ago after the lawsuit and Macy's were handing out mini lotions, perfumes, serums, ect. I got the older version of the Advanced Night Repair. When I used it, I instantly fell in love. I always switch up products, so I eventually put this in the back burner, but I tried it again recently after I found out they had changed the formula.

A little about myself: I just turned 19, I have normal - dry skin (during winter months). Skin concerns: I have *very* fair skin, so I get a little pink on my cheeks. No bad acne, but I always have a little blemish or two somewhere on my face. Sometimes I'll develop dry spots on my cheeks. I'm still very young, but I think it's best to start anti-aging products early, and even I experienced noticeable results from this! After trying out the new formula, I fell in love (again). When I woke up, my face was definitely smoother. After a week, my skin looked more even (I had some slight discoloration from blemishes). It's been a few weeks of continued use, and my skin looks *much* better overall. Skin is smooth, even, and a little plump. When I touch my face it doesn't feel extra moisturized, but it is plumped up for sure. I get fewer blemishes, but I wont advertise this as an acne-fighting serum (because it isn't), but it has worked for me on my blemishes. I don't find myself reaching for my foundation anymore and when I do, I only need to use VERY little of it. I feel so much more confident going out with no makeup on lately, all because of this! I find this works best and you'll see results quicker if you put this on RIGHT before bed. I know the instructions tell you to do so, but I got over-excited and even tried using it during the daytime - nothing bad happened, but I didn't really notice anything "extra" from it. Just stick to using it at night like they advise. I think the price is just right - after all, this is one of the MANY products I've used where I've actually seen quick, real, and long lasting results from. A 1oz bottle will last me about a month & a half. I highly recommend this serum - if you can, get a little sample bottle. You owe it to yourself!

Even 'till this day, I still get a little surprised when I wake up and look at the mirror in the mornings (:

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