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Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$

Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$


Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

PLEASE NOTE: This is a post of my first impressions of this product ONLY. I have only tried it once. I will update ASAP.

What I'm Looking For: An eyeliner that I can line my upper waterline with that is extremely long wearing, is easy to apply, and comes out a dark, rich black on the first stroke. I don't tend to smudge my eyeliner out (like with a smudge brush/tip).

Previously Used: Revlon Colorstay. It was pretty good, but it would smudge a teensy bit, and it was hard to get a nice rich color out of it.

Price: $8.99. I gave it a 2. Not the most expensive in the drugstore, and certainly not the least. But for the quality, the price is unbelievable.

Availability: This product (I believe) is fairly new, but I think you can buy it anywhere L'Oreal products are sold. I've heard people talk about plum and green colors, but I've only seen Brown, Gray, and Black (I bought the black).

Packaging/Appearance: Pretty good packaging. Black with gold writing. Classic, not flashy, quite basic. Comes with a clear plastic cover for the tip.

Ease of Application: Oh. My. Dear. God. This is the SOFTEST eyeliner I have ever used. Seriously, it glidessss on. I don't even know how to put it into words. Reminds me of Stila's eyeliner.

Color: Once again reminds me of Stila's Kohl Kajal eyeliner. Superrrr black, and I mean incredibly black. For those who want a more "natural" look, buy the brown, because these colors are rich as a chocolate lava cake. It's like the color of the blackest liquid eyeliner you can imagine.

Overall Effect: Freaking. Amazing. Seriously, buy it now. Probably the best beauty purchase I've ever made (besides an eyelash curler). My lashes look thick, luscious, and ever so black. The name describes the product PERFECTLY (finally, a product that lives up to it's claims!): the ease of application of a pencil, and the color and smoothness of a liquid.

Any Immediate Smudging?: Nope, not at all. Didn't transfer onto the lower lash line.

Reminds Me Of...: If you crave the softness and color of a kohl or Stila's eyeliner, but the staying power of Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner, this is the product for you. I hear people complaining that Stila's eyeliner is super soft, easy to apply, and is rich in color, but smudges wayyy too easily. Imagine Stila, except with no smudging: it would be this eyeliner.

Longevity (Lasting Power): I will update it soon, as I am wearing this eyeliner to a rock concert tonight (hot, sweaty room + dancing + probably falling asleep in my makeup = the *ultimate* eyeliner test).

Ease of Removal: Haven't tried to remove it yet. Will update.

What's Missing: A smudge tip. This is so soft that a smudge tip would be great for those who are going for a smokey-eye look. Also, more colors would be nice, like plum, emerald, and maybe white. Personally, I love gold eyeliners, so that would be nice too. :D

Good for You If You Want...: to try a cat eye or pin-up girl look but are afraid to try a liquid. Basically, this product is for everyone. It's for anyone who, a) like a nice, dark eyeliner, b) is afraid to try liquids because of the application but still wants the same effect, c) someone who is a pro with liquid liners but is getting tired of the tough application or the fact that they dry out too fast, d) someone who is new to liner and wants an easy application that is foolproof, or e) someone who doesn't have time to touch up their eyeliner during the day but wants it to last.

In summary, just go buy this product now. You won't regret it. If you want dramatic, get black. If you want natural, get brown or gray. Seriously, there's something for everyone. GO BUY IT! Just look at the ratings for this product; it more than deserves them. Walk, don't run to your nearest drugstore/Ulta!!!

UPDATE: Still completely in love with this product. Even when I line my upper waterline, there is nary a smudge in sight. And recently, I've started experimenting with smuding my liner for a smokey look, and this stuff is AMAZING! I've heard everything from sticking a liner in your armpit to running it through a match/lighter flame a couple of times (!!!) to soften up an eyeliner and make it smudgable, but this stuff smudges BEE-YOU-TIH-FULL-EEE without any trouble. I've always had trouble when going for a smokey eye look before because it ends up looking crusty and chunky. Not with this baby! My smokey eye looks smooth and Megan-Fox-like. (That's right, I said it! MEGAN FOX-LIKE!) I think I'm going to have to buy dozens of these eyeliners just in case L'Oreal discontinues them. (KNOCK ON WOOD! MY LIFE WOULD BE OVER!)

UPDATE: Still loving this eyeliner. For those of you have trouble sharpening it, just stick it in the fridge and it sharpens perfectly. HTH!

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