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Package Quality: 4.7

Price: $$

Package Quality: 4.7

Price: $$



Age: 44-55

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

Since there is no previous review for this, I'm gonna let you folks out there in on a great secret! Mona Lisa Pink Soap is an AMAZING makeup brush cleanser! Honestly... it's the best! I know some of you already know this and have been keeping the secret to yourself, but now the cat's outta the bag! I want everyone to know because anyone with dirty makeup brushes NEEDS this product! I buy mine at Michael's Arts & Crafts, 4 oz. for under $5, and it lasts for months. I originally bought a 1 oz. bottle for under a dollar just to give it a try, and that small amount cleaned lots of brushes for many months now. (There is still some soap left in the bottle.) Now, don't get turned off thinking, "Eeeewwww... soap? Soap makes too many suds and it's hard to rinse." NO! Not at all! Not with this stuff! This is no ordinary soap! This is mild and thick and it doesn't lather like shampoos and other detergents that I previously used to clean my brushes. This is a pink liquid that literally melts the makeup off your brushes and makes them look brand new! I started using this because I had a hard time getting gel liners and MAC Liquidlast liner off of my liner brushes. It would take forever for me to work brush cleaner and baby shampoo into the fine bristles, and then I felt like I was damaging the brush from rubbing so hard. But Pink Soap has changed my life! I just squeeze a small, pearl-sized amount on the tips of my brushes... gently massage the lotion-like soap into the brush between my fingers... and watch all of the hardened material soften and wash away! Rinses easily, too! And if you don't rinse all the soap? No problem! The bottle recommends using a small amount to condition and preserve your brush bristles, so it's no big deal if you don't rinse it squeaky clean. I have been using this product for months now, and it has replaced the more pricier brush cleaners I was using from MAC & Sephora. I also used to use baby shampoo, but it was too gentle to clean effectively, would lather too much (making rinsing a chore), and it sometimes left my brush bristles too dried-out and they would splay. Pink Soap is MUCH cheaper than a bottle of MAC & Sephora brush cleansers, works better, and lasts longer, too! I have white bristle brushes (ie. MAC 239, 217, Smashbox flat eyeliner, skunk brushes, etc.) that I couldn't get some of the pigments out of no matter how much I cleaned with shampoo and brand-name makeup brush cleansers. Since I started using the Pink Soap, all of my white brushes are just that- WHITE! Clean & soft and in perfect shape! No splayed bristles, no gray or pinkish hues left on them anymore... they look just like new!

I HIGHLY recommend everyone give this brush cleaner a try! Don't be turned off because it comes from a craft store, is cheap, and was originally intended for paint brushes. I have very sensitive skin-- (VERY, trust me)-- and using the Pink Soap on my brushes has caused no allergies, sensitivities, or irritations to my skin. What I HAVE gotten from this Mona Lisa Pink Soap is cleaner brushes, more money in my wallet, and more time- since I don't have to stand over my sink scrubbing and rinsing my brushes for so long anymore. Everything about this product is a winner to me! ♥ continued >>

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