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Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $$$



Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Olive, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

I finally gave in and bought this about 6 months ago, because of rave review and because I was just getting really tired of having to spend such a long time "doing" my hair.
I have a lot of fine, curly hair. It's not like a mass of hair or anything, it's just the combo of fine and curly that makes it tangly. But even when I was a kid, and my hair was straight (went curly at puberty) I must have been one of the first J&J No-More-Tangles junkies.
And I lose alot of it-every time I wash and condition it, every time I comb it. And if I wait a day to wash it, a ton of it comes out in the shower, and then once out of the shower, a ton more. It would worry me if there wasn't plenty of it remaining (but I make sure I take my vitamins, lol).
If I don't comb it after washing it (and yes, I wait until my hair is not too wet, not to dry- to comb it), it would look like total nonsense on my head. And if I don't comb it THE RIGHT WAY, it gets frizzy and snarled (or I'd end up with cradle cap from not massaging my scalp at least a little).

So I have (had) long been at the point of just feeling weary when I know that I need to wash it, because that means I HAVE to condition it, then towel-dry it just right so that it doesn't tangle, THEN use a detangling spray, THEN a leave-in conditioner...THEN I start to geeentttly use a big, wide-toothed comb, starting at the ends, working my way up...then I have to be careful again if I want to part my hair, or comb it in any direction...And it put me in a pretty irritable mood because it hurts- it yanks at nape and temples....

You get the idea- my hair just jams when I try to comb it, I never bother trying to brush it once it's dry (although I can do that if I straighten it) and I have hair all over my house. It gets everywhere. Sometimes I'm shocked at the back of my winter coat, or a sweater, if I haven't been paying attention to picking the hairs off it it. Ick.
I actually lucked out and found the TangleTeezer in a beauty store here in Europe- for 15 euros- which seemed extremely expensive for something that looked like a cheap plastic dog brush. So I hemmed and hawed and read more reviews and finally broke down and bought it.
And I love it. NOW I don't even THINK about detangling my hair- I don't NEED detangling spray, I don't HAVE to use leave-in conditioner for stretched-hair frizzies (I just use it for normal frizzies) and there's no more pain. This thing just glides like butter through my hair and I'M DONE. And I barely lose any hair, to boot- I didn't even know that I was actually pulling out hair, or breaking it, when I was losing it- I just thought it was natural shedding.
So as a result, not only do I save time, energy and suffer less :) but my hair has gotten really nice again- it's glossy and thick and less frizzy and the curls are more "whole" and bouncy and there is less hair all over the place.
And yes, I can use it when my hair is dry- I don't comb it dry when it's curly, because that just makes it look weird- but I can, and incidentally, it gives a really nice scalp massage- you can just make little circles on your scalp and it doesn't tangle your hair- it feels great.
Voila- highly recommend if you have hair that just takes a long time to get through with a normal comb or brush, under normal circumstances, for whatever reason. I imagine this would be marvelous for children with long, fine, tangly or unruly hair- or all of the above- because it is quick and painless.
I really want to get the travel one as well, but will wait till I go to states.
I put a 3 for the price because though I think it is expensive for the material it is made from (totally cheapo plastic. It wouldn't last 10 seconds next to something too warm.(you CANNOT blow dry with it- it'll render it completely useless) it still works so well the price doesn't really matter.
However I put 2 for the "packaging" because of the cheap material and because the label says to not even place the normal one down on the bristles, for fear of bending them. They could at least include a little protective shield of some sort- it sits in my cupboard like an upturned beetle!
All in all, a fabulous, time-saving, hair-saving, pain-saving product, will def. buy again. Kudos to the inventor.

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