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Package Quality: 4.2

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Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$



Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

Usage - 6+ months

So I had a hate - hate - LOVE relationship with this med. Like so many people who have commented below me, I did not have acne as a teenager (just your regular pimple here and there during my cycle) Halfway through my 25th year, mother nature decided to get revenge on me for escaping my teens clear skinned. I began getting large cysts along my jaw line around my cycle. These would take weeks to go away. From there it only got worse, every pore in my face began to clog and eventually become cysts. I did everything possible to fix this new problem, and went to a derm for much needed help. After several topicals and anti-biotics failed me she prescribed me spironolactone.

Here is where my "hate" with this med comes in. She started me out on a pretty high dose of 100mg. Since this is a blood pressure medication designed to lower bp.. it did just that! Every time I stood up I would get so dizzy that I actually would fall to the ground. I was extremely tired, and I dropped about 4Lbs in just a few days (which may seem nice, but I am already quite thin and the starving model look is not for me) I went to my general practitioner who took my bp and informed me that it was extremely low. I didnt want to stop taking the med because it was my last resort before accutane. So I lowered the dose myself. Started at 25mg, then increased back up to 100mg where I am at now with no prob.

My hate continues just a few weeks later after I had solved problem 1. As a lot of people below me mentioned, there is the possibility of a major purge period. Some people seem to have one some don't. I did...... big time at about a month and half in. I was horrified at my face when I looked in the mirror. I did not recognize who I was. I cried almost every single night. My entire right cheek was covered in painful terrible cysts. I thought about stopping, but I read literally hundreds of reviews and many people said you need to wait it out for a few months before it works.

My love began about 4 months in. The 3rd month did not give me any new pimples, but I was still battling the ones from month 2. At month 4 all the pimples had gone (with some help from my derm and corizone shots) I had no new pimples coming in and my pores were beginning to clear. I also had an "acne surgery" done at the derm where they use a scalpel to cut open your closed comedones to remove the ick from your pores, which helped tremendously.

Today I am at about month 6 and I went in to my hair salon for a cut. My hair stylist had not seen me since month 3 when my face was monstrous, and she said "OMG your skin is glowing you look amazing! What are you using?!" It was such an amazing feeling to have that compliment after 2 years of struggling and battling my own skin.

It is so so so hard to stick with this when you have a purge period, or experience some of the other issues others have mentioned like hair loss, weight loss, dizzies etc. But if you can just stick it out until month 4 at least because it will change the way you look, but more importantly how you feel about yourself. GOOD LUCK!

My Pros & Cons with this:
Will clear your acne
Super cheap if you have insurance (mine is $15 a month)

Dizziness if not adjusted to the meds
Weight loss (see pro)
Must be super careful with birth control method because MAJOR BIRTH DEFECTS CAN HAPPEN!

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