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Package Quality: 4.3

Price: $

Package Quality: 4.3

Price: $



Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I adore Yello-Out for its yellow stain-neutralizing abilities, but I absolutely loathe how it chips & peels almost instantly. Expose your hands to water & forget it, it will either chip or peel off in sheets!

Otherwise I still love it, & I still use it on a regular basis. It's a transparent lavender-tinted polish that not only visibly neutralizes the appearance of yellow stains on nails but also REMOVES them after a few days' wear! When I remove the polish from my previously yellowed nails, they are clean & healthy looking.

Topping this with a layer of sheer white nailpolish results in the most gorgeous manicure IMO. But it doesn't last. So I have to re-do my manicure frequently.

By itself, this polish makes nail beds look pink (despite the blue/lavender tint) & healthy & nail tips look clean & white. Only about $3 in drugstores.

UPDT 3/22/11 -
The bottle is the same but the formula has changed (the purple tint is more intense in the bottle - you can see the difference in the photos above - old vs. new). Now it dries matte rather than shiny (I guess to give a more natural look) which I don't really like - it makes my nails look like they have no polish on (no shine), except for the optical improvement in nail color appearance (healthy nails instead of dull or yellow). New formula notwithstanding, unfortunately this polish still begins to peel after any water exposure, whether I'm wearing it by itself or underneath other nailpolish (then even more so). So no improvement there, but I still depend on this product.

UPDT 9/4/15 -
I gave up using this product after my last update when I found other similar products but which DON'T peel after water exposure. These are:
1. Zeva Nail Brightener (slight lavender tint), only via Amazon $15
2. Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat (optical pink tint), from Sephora $30 - this one starts to peel or chip after 5 days (my experience)
3. Dior Nail Glow (optical pink tint), from Sephora $27
4. AsSeenOnTV Pink Armor Nail Gel (optical pink tint), from local drugstore $10
While these cost a lot more than Yello-Out, they were worth the expense for the DURABILITY of wear. They really go the distance. I only wish Yello-Out could do the same thing. I much prefer the blue/lavender tint of Yello-Out, so after using all the pinks mentioned above I've gone back to Zeva which is slightly lavender tinted - love the look!

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