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Package Quality: 2.8

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Package Quality: 2.8

Price: $



Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Cheekers blushes have been my latest drugstore cosmetic obsession ;) The quality of these *really* surprised me! After years of ONLY wanting super pigmented and bright blushes, I realized that the blushes I'd been wearing were a bit too bold to be pairing with my 30yr old fair skin and the smokey eye looks I like to rock very often ;)
I have 8 of these Cheekers blushes now. -Classic Pink, Rose Silk, Iced Cappuccino, True Plum, Deep Plum, Plumberry Glow, Pretty Peach, and Natural Twinkle. They all have a slight sheen or shimmer to them, but it's not overbearing or overpowering. I have oily skin with very large/visible pores so there are a lot of blushes with sheen and shimmer that I just can not pull off because they emphasize my pores but I do NOT have that issue with any of these, Thank goodness!
Of the 8 I currently own, Natural Twinkle is the most natural on my fair, warm skin (I'd be around N10/NC15 in MAC) I'd describe it as a pale, pink undertoned baby plum and very natural. But Natural Twinkle is also the least pigmented :( It takes quite a few swipes of my brush to get enough product for my cheeks. I AM able to make it work since I have very fair skin, but anyone with a deep skintone may not be as pleased with this blush..I don't use Natural Twinkle as often as I'd like though and is the only one I don't think I'll repurchase.
True Plum lives very true to it's name, and is everything I wanted Natural Twinkle to be. It's certainly the most plummy of all of my Cheekers blushes, esp. when looking at it in the pan. Once it's applied to the skin though it turns into more of a plum pink, and resembles NYX Cream blush in Rose Petal (which is my favorite cream blush of all time!)
Classic Pink is that perfect barbie pink / bubblegum pink shade with very natural blue undertones. It is a bright pink but without being over the top clown pink, &still wearable for an everyday cheek or natural look.
Plumberry Glow is another pink plum, def more on the pinky side of plum and has a little more sheen than my other Cheekers, which is ok because I think I expected it do due to the name "plumberry GLOW" lol and am cool with the glow it gives. This is one of those blushes that has enough sheen that it doubles as a highlighter. Perfect for days when I'm in a pinch and need to quickly apply my makeup and don't have time to precisely apply highlighter. Also extremely pigmented.
Rose Silk is VERY much like NARS Orgasm blush (They've been compared as "dupes" of eachother on several beauty blogs I've read) So if NARS Orgasm is a shade you like or that you've been interested in trying, give Rose Silk a try first and you may just save yourself a little cash :)
Iced Cappuccino is by far the darkest blush of my cheekers collection. I actually wore this blush a lot in HighSchool (12yrs ago!) when my skin was much darker (due to self tanning) and it was a natural blush on me then, but now that I haven't tanned in years, it's way too dark to use as a regular blush. It's more of a contour shade/bronzer for me. Iced Cappuccino will work well as a blush for you if you are darker than N/NC/NW25-30 in MAC. If you're lighter than that then it will be a nice contour or bronzer shade (which is ofcourse what I now use it for) Iced Cappuccino is one of the more pigmented of these blushes, but unfortunately is the only other that I don't think I'll repurchase just because I don't use it very often. I repurchased it about a year ago after remembering how well I liked it in HighSchool but I don't wear it as a bronzer/contour often enough to buy again. Just because it's not *my* perfect blush shade though doesn't mean it can't be yours, esp. if you have a darker complexion or a very fair complexion and haven't yet found a bronzer or contour powder that isn't orange or too dark brown :)
Preetty Peach is a perfect pinky peach. I have to stay away from anything too peachy/orangey/coraly as those shades never seem to flatter my warm skintone. I was afraid to try this blush simply because of the name having "peach" in it Lol -Thankfully the peach isn't overbearing and it's more pink than anything else. This is another that is quite pigmented and for me, one of my "my cheeks but better" every day blushes. I highly recommend Pretty Peach ALL the time to EVERYONE. It's extremely versatile.
Deep Plum is NOT true to it's name Lol &Not in a bad way, it's just more of a mauvey medium pink with plum undertones. This is another that is very pigmented and extremely versatile so will work for the fairest of the fair skintones to the much deeper skintones and everyone in between.
Overall, I'm pleased with my Cheekers collection :) They're very inexpensive, $3.79 at my local WalMart store, and around $4.50 at my local CVS & Wags. CVS & Wags also very often have BOGO 50% off CG sales, so it's easy to score more than one for around $7 USD.
The packaging is a bit meh and blah.. Very plain silver compact with a clear, see through lid. The compacts look very cheap, but they do hold up well over time and with travel as well. (I carry these in my purse from time to time, they get smushed around but always stay intact). The enclosed brush that comes with these is USELESS. The first thing I do when opening a new one is throw the brush away. It's very scratchy and doesn't apply blush evenly.
I also have very acne/clog-prone skin and none of the CG blushes give me breakout issues which is a big plus for me!
Overall I highly recommend.
I've recently purchased 3 more cheekers blushes - Plum Plush, Golden Pink, Rock 'n Rose. Unfortunately Plum Plush is just too dark for my skintone, even if I apply sparingly.. Rock 'n Rose & Golden Pink however, are BEAUTIFUL. I can't believe I waited this long to try these 2 shades, they've quickly become 2 of the most reached for blushes in my stash (which contains blushes from CG to NARS to Burberry) 5 lippies well deserved! Golden Pink, Rock 'n Rose, & True Plum are my 3 picks from this line -High

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