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Package Quality: 4.0

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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$



Age: 30-35

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Hair: Brown, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I had TR done on my hair and it was a horrible experience. At the beggining I couln't be happier with the results. My hair was super straight once I blowed dried it. It would not stay straight if left it to air dry. I could get it just as straight before the process, by blow drying it. However after the TR it would remain totally straight in the highest humidity. I went to the caribean and had totally straight hair the whole time. The only thing I didn't like is that your hair won't shine much after the treatment. I later on found out this is actually normal after the procedure. But other than that I couln't be happier. That was until my hair started to break off and fall out. This started happening within the first two months. I purchased all the products I was told to purchase and used them religiously. Still, every time I combed my hair my bathroom floor looked like a rug. This wasn't a few strands of hair. It was so much that I wouln't comb my hair in front of anybody; it was just too embarrasing. I made sure to clean up the floor before leaving the bathroom and wraped the fallen hairs in toilet tissue before discarding them. The treatment is extremly expensive and if you have type 3b hair like mine you would need to do your roots every 4 months. About a year after I had it done, there was a special on TV about it. It turns out I wasn't alone. 100's of women went through the same nightmare.

However, to be fair, I didn't do much research before getting the treatment done. I wen't to a good salon but don't think they had enough experience with the treatment; eventhought they had many pictures of clients who had it done. According to the research I've done afterwards, if the process is done correctly this should not happen to your hair. So if you are going to do it, do your homework and get the best of the best to work on your hair. Good luck with that. There is only a handfull of stylists in the US that actually do the process correctly. They have done training in Japan where the treatment originates from. You can go to and get a ton of helpfull information. If that site would've been around back then, this would have never happened to me.
For those of you thinking about doing it yourselves DON'T. There is alot more to it than you think. The whole chemistry of it is really complicated, and you may not see it at first, but eventually you will have permanent hair reduction. The treatment is never suposed to touch your scalp because it can cause permanent folicle damage. Causing the folicle to stop growing hair permanently. You can not use a small toothed come, and the come has to be a special one with no ridges between the teeth. Those sharp ridges distroy the scales that cover your hair, causing unrepairable damage. The training that the stylists receive from the companies selling the product in the US is Incorrect. For the stylist to perform the service correctly he needs to be an expert in chemicall straighting. He needs to understand the composition and chemistry of the hair, and have extensive education and experience with chemicals. And needs to have the right tools. Do not get it done at a salon where they tell you that two different stylists will be working on your hair. You will end up with different texture on both sides. Different hair requires different timing, different temperature, even different tension when flat ironing. If the flat iron is not used with the proper speep and tension, it will result in hair breakage. That is just a few of the things that can go wrong. And that is being done by a stylist. Imagine doing it yourself. If you really want all the details, go to The site is hosted by the number one TR stylist in North America.
It took over 2 years for my hair to recover. I had a bald spot in front of my head for a long time. I now have at least a third less hair than I used to. Thank God I had alot of hair to begin with. However I can no longer say I have thick hair. It does not look extremly thin, but when I touch the top of my head the density doesn't come close to what it used to be.
This was so not worth it. I regret it and would never do it again, even if it was with best expert. I have now learn how to make my hair perfectly straight even in high humidity. I looks shinier healthier and I have the option of wearing it curly if I want to. All you need is high quality products, and a high quality flat iron.
Remeber, your hair is your most important accesory. Don't take any chances with it.

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