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Package Quality: 4.0

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permanent, doesn't have irritating fumes, low-maintenance, and less expensive than people think.

Japanese Straightening can be a life-changing for those of us seeking to better manage our unruly hair. This is a very long, thorough review aimed at those seriously considering JHS/TR.

I've had JHS 13 times over 7 years, at 3 salons, using 4 different formulas and experienced the range of outcomes from traumatic to spectacular. I want to share my experiences--good and bad--to better explain the benefits of JHS.

When applied correctly by a competent, knowledgeable, and patient stylist, JHS did an incredible job transforming my extremely thick, coarse hair from unruly and time-consuming to smooth and easy-to style. JHS is permanent and irreversible. It is effective on hair resistant to BKT or Rusk Anticurl.

In 2005, I found an incredible salon that specializes in JHS. When I come in every 6 months for a root touch-up, the stylists review notes from my past visits re: formulas used, and then examine my hair to check for any damage and changes in the curl pattern. These two steps are essential because they allow the stylist to determine which strength products to use, and how long to keep in order to maximize effectiveness while minimizing damage. After this JHS, my hair is truly "wash and wear." After showering, hair air dries completely straight and shiny -- no product or heat necessary. My hair is much softer after JHS, and is much silker compared to flat ironed natural hair. JHS hair is stick straight, but it still able to hold a style--it can be curled with iron/rollers or even when dried in braids.

Let's be completely honest: JHS will damage your hair. But the amount of damage is highly dependent on the stylist's skills and products used. As I mentioned earlier, I have a JHS horror story. I visited a stylist who was, at the time, highly-regarded as a TR expert and was active on a popular JHS message board. After he JHSd and dried my hair, I noticed chunk of my bangs felt strange to the touch--like it stood completely vertical for an eighth of an inch before lying down flat like my other hair. By the next day, that chunk broke off at the eighth of an inch away from my scalp. It was 100% the result of a stylist error. My ends were damaged due to JHS being left on too long.

At my incredible salon, JHS leaves my hair in much better condition--I think it's much more damaging to flat iron your hair every week for 6 months than it is to JHS. With JHS, I've been able to grow my hair to hip length. Of course, there is still some breakage from the chemicals. Despite being a PITA to manage, naturally coarse wavy/kinky hair like mine is actually extremely fragile and even when left natural, needs to be handled gently to avoid breakage. Even before JHS, my hair was dry and had many split ends. After JHS, my hair feels softer but still has many split ends.

After getting JHS, you aren't supposed to put your hair up or use barrettes for a couple days; since that's unrealistic for me, I gently put my hair in a ponytail or bun. I've never had any negative effects from doing it. Also, you can't wet your hair for a couple days. I take this rule seriously and if my hair gets dampened from rain, I touch it up with a flat iron.

Hair lifted with bleach/dye or colored with Henna will affect the outcome of JHS. A competent stylist can identify if hair treated with these products is still suitable for JHS, and which formulas it can interact with.

There are a number of ways I minimize potential damage. Most importantly, when getting my roots touched up, my stylist only applies straightener to the regrowth and avoid getting any on the ends. At home, I have to resist the temptation to apply damaging heat (flat iron, curling iron, hot dryer) to the bottom of my hair. Instead, to get my ends smooth, I'll blow dry on low using a round brush or roll my ends on a large flexi-rod or magnetic roller before air drying/blow drying on low.

Stick to gentle hair accessories to reduce breakage. Hair elastics (even those allegedly no-snag ones) pull out hair. A less damaging alternative is using hair ties made from cut up stocking/tights, or scrunchies.

A tangle-teezer is better for JHS hair than brushes or combs. I use them to massage in shampoo at my scalp, also to spread deep-conditioner. Brushing wet hair will break it.

I'm not a complete stickler about this, but I really recommend avoiding washing your hair harsh shampoos and also also avoiding products with silicones (ex. anti-frizz serum, heat protector spray) because in order to remove build-up, you'll have to use sulfate shampoos that will strip the hair and leave it dry and more susceptible to damage. If/when you need to use a traditional shampoo (for an oily scalp, dandruff, whatever), first, apply deep conditioner to the middle an ends of your hair to protect them, then apply the shampoo to your scalp only.

I frequently apply moisturizers, oils, and protein treatments if necessary.

The great thing about JHS is that you don't need specialized expensive products to manage your hair. My incredible salon does not pressure me to buy products. Even though JHS hair is straight, I still recommend products for curly hair.

Shampoo: suave coconut conditioner, v05 kiwi lime, curl junkie
Deep Conditioner: Biolage Conditioning Balm or the GVP generic mixed with argon oil, shea butter, or coconut oil
Protein Treatment: aphogee protein treatment or george michael 12 minute conditioner
Leave-In: argon oil, shea butter/coconut oil mix, Phytodefrisant

A year ago, I decided to experiment with growing out my hair without JHS to see how it would like naturally. Transitioning to natural hair is frustrating, but I don't regret the JHS. I still highly recommend JHS and may decide to start gettin

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