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Package Quality: 4.0

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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $



Age: 19-24

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

DESCRIPTION OF ME Asian with a warm complexion (C3-C4 in MAC) with strong yellow undertones and some peach. Black hair. Oily skin that is prone to breakouts. Long, layered and very slightly wavy hair that is fine but has a LOT of volume.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION Spray that adds shine and helps detangle hair. Around $3 US at most drugstores. 295 mL/10 fluid ounces.

PACKAGING This product comes in a standard plastic spray bottle. Not particularly chic but it works. If I could make improvements on it, I would add grip or make the shape more ergonomic. I sometimes have a problem with the bottle slipping out of my hands when I use it right after I get out of the shower.

SHINE It adds shine but not a jaw-dropping amount. If I bought this for the shine, I would have been disappointed.

DETANGLING This is what I bought this product for... and it has made me very happy! I was tired of painstakingly applying conditioner evenly throughout my long and voluminous hair and rinsing it off carefully. Sometimes I would be in such a rush that I would forget to rinse it off and I would have to jump back into the shower. If I don't do all of this, I would never be able to comb my hair without pain or a lot of lost hair.

Detangle and Shine has ended all of that. I just spritz it onto my hair and my comb easily runs through. It takes less than a minute to do. I can use it on dry or wet hair too. Even though conditioning used to take me about ten minutes, that's ten minutes every morning when I am just hurrying to get the day started!

TEXTURE OF HAIR This product leaves my hair so soft!

SCENT When I first smelled this product, I didn't get why people were giving it such a bad review. It has a flowery, fruity smell that is slightly reminiscent of hairspray. It does smell synthetic but I liked it. However, I saw what the big fuss was all about when I actually used the product all over my hair. It felt like I was surrounded by some sort of noxious, poisonous gas. Truly gag-inducing. It smelled like thick, musty old-lady perfume.

However, I have learned to live with it. I simply hold my breath, spritz and leave the bathroom immediately. The upside is that the scent dies down when the product dries on my hair and becomes that pleasant floral/fruity aroma that I liked.

OVERALL GREAT product that has cut a lot of time out of my morning routine. Considering how little of the product I use to get the desired effect, it may actually be more economical to use than even the cheapest conditioners. I will definitely repurchase unless I find an even more inexpensive alternative.

I took off one point for the scent though. continued >>

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