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Package Quality: 4.1

Price: $$$


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on 8/14/2012 6:54:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Normal, Fair, Cool

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

This is a beautifully crafted perfume! Although I can see the comparison with Flowerbomb in the very top notes, La Vie est Belle is so much more complex, better overall
Flowerbomb is sweet throughout, with not much change. LVEB is more dimensional with notes that are so well crafted, and blend in to create a great scent, a modern chypre with class and sophistication.
The patchouli is present but high quality also, so it isn't overwelming
It is a bold rich scent that will work great in cool weather. In warm weather it can be a bit much.
I will add the lasting power is fantastic!!!

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on 8/14/2012 1:59:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I am a big fan of sweet perfumes, and working for Lancme wanting to wear the fragrances I sell, I was extremely thrilled about this new scent "La Vie Est Belle" - Life is Beautiful. I used to wear Trsor Midnight Rose because it was the only sweet perfume we had. Trsor In Love is also a very beautiful perfume that we have and sell a lot of. I'm very happy to say that LVEB is a wonderful perfume if you like sweet scents. It really is similar to Flower Bomb, but a lot cheaper and I think LVEB smells a little better (: enjoy!

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

While it isn't as awful as some of the scents of the last little while, it's still too sweet. It tries, boy does it try, but ultimately, it's just too cloying, at least on me, and while I did not race to wash it off for a change, it wasn't for me. It's probably more suitable for a younger person, although Julia Roberts "ain't no" spring chicken. Too bad - this is a no for me.

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on 8/11/2012 12:43:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

A fruity-praline-patchouli scent that'd smell great on someone else. I tested this on a card in store, not on skin. The review will be updated if it smells very different on skin. But I want to pop this on MUA, in case anyone is curious about it. :) Warning: I use the words 'sweet', 'sweetness' and 'sugar' A LOT in this review.
The sweetness suffocates when first sprayed (instant diabetes), the dry down's better, definitely powdery, if still extremely sweet. It reminds me of Pleasures Delight at the start, but the Lauder is more marshmallow and Lveb is spun sugar or praline-vanilla -- maybe there's a bit of cocoa in there too, but there's so much general sweetness, I can't really tell. I prefer Lancome's Lveb because it's a little less sugary -- (and that speaks volumes about the Lauder). Perhaps there's better differentiation between notes (marginal) because Lveb isn't quite the jumbled sweet-mess that PD becomes on me.
Lveb's patchouli note isn't too loud, which is a minus, because I prefer less praline / vanilla and more patchouli. I get the pear / blackcurrant listed in notes, but the level of sugar in this one really smothers the fruit, and the listed iris is cancelled. I don't get much -- if any -- iris. It smells a little dry, which might be an attempt at iris. If you're good at figuring out gourmand iris scents (I'm not) maybe you'll have better luck. If I look harder than I want to: there's a hint of something like bergamot and orange blossom, no obvious jasmine. But I don't want to focus on a scent like it's a magic-eye picture in order to see past a prominent feature -- in this case vanilla-praline-sugar.
If you liked fruity-patchoulis and want something similar or more youth-oriented, that tweaks and 'updates' the theme -- try Lveb. I prefer the original Badgley Mischka. I've worn Angel, Coco-M and a heap of others in this vein (let's go ahead and add Flowerbomb, even though its patchouli is supposedly light and 'purified').
While the Lancome is nice, it's not all that new. It is softer on the patch than the others, and certainly less heavy on the fruit than BM. But it keeps hitting me with the all-consuming sweet mid-notes. I need something in the base for balance, and the Lancome doesn't deliver. That's probably the update: the lack of heavy patchouli/solid bases which was a feature of the big fruichoulis.
The development on the card is actually pretty good. This could've worked if the sugary notes weren't so girly-but-ferocious. That said -- it isn't loud, exactly -- not in the way Poison, Giorgio or Angel are loud. (I love those perfumes). To me it Lveb is a super-feminine (and a bit more posh) gourmand with a steady, unrelenting, wave of sugar -- and despite its insistent nature, it's a notch above average department store gourmands flooding the market.

It's really not me - hence the low rating. It smells a little young, with no interesting twists. The bottle's okay and I like that the spokeswoman (Julia Roberts) is a grown-up. I just remembered a scent that successfully reworks the heavy fruichouli idea and has a praline-like note in the middle: Angel Innocent. The Mugler is more to my taste because the top has some freshness which cancels out any 'candy-floss' effect -- and it's a little different -- it surprises me. I *think* Ropion worked on both Innocent (with Bruyere) and Lveb (with Flipo and O. Polge). If memory serves -- Oriens by VC&A is another one with praline, if you want mainstream scents with that note. Gourmands I like with obvious fruit notes: Hanae Mori extrait, BM, Delices, Pozo's In Black and Hot Couture. I still think Hypnose by Lancome is one of the brand's better, contemporary releases. Patchouli favourites: I have about a hundred, so I'll stop now!

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on 8/12/2012 11:13:00 AM

Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I love this scent. I tried it on as a sample yesterday and it still lingers. It reminds me of Angel but not as heavy. Lately it seems like every perfume I try just doesn't last very long. You have to reapply. Not this one. It has a nice chocolate undertone to its scent. Love it.

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on 8/11/2012 3:53:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

This is flowerbombs twin. On my cardi flowerbomb on one arm and la vie on the other, neither me or my friend could tell the difference. On my skin la vie is slightly sweeter and refined. I prefer this to flowerbomb which is slightly masculine on me. Both last just as long. But just not my kind of scent too synthetic smelling and sharp. But flowerbomb lovers need to try as a potential replacement. No need to purchase this if you already own flowerbomb unless you wished flowerbomb was sweeter.

Update 22.08.12 - SA sprayed on me and lasts on my skin like a leech!! It just is too sharp for my liking and irritates me so downgraded from 3 to 2. That same effect that flowerbomb has.

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