Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

Anastasia Of Beverly Hills  Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette


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85% would repurchase

Package Quality: 3.7

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 3.7

Price: $$$


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on 6/27/2016 12:32:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Green

I wanted this pallet the minute I saw it. I was attracted like a moth to the flame. I have been disappointed with other brands releases for summer and fall so I felt justified in purchasing this.

The FORMULATION of the eyeshadows found in the Modern Renaissance pallet is beautiful. The shadows are soft and creamy texture wise, reminding me of the formulation of Lorac, Makeup Forever or Natasha Denona. Modern Renaissance is the first eye shadow pallet I have purchased from ABH; therefore, I can't really compare the quality of the shadows to previous brand releases. The eyeshadows apply, blend so easily and look fresh after a full day of wear and they are true to pan on the lids.

Usually I write a pro's and con's but with this palette I really don't have enough to complain about. The worst crime ABH has committed in creating this pallet is with the packaging. In my opinion, the PACKAGING doesn't really fit the theme "modern renaissance" and I think they could have done a lot more. Also, to state the obvious, the fuzz is a dirt attractor. I depotted the Naked 1 for this reason and then rarely used it after. I also dislike the brush. In one sense it feels cheep and then in another it feels like a step up. Either way it feels drugstore synthetic and I prefer the animal hairs in general for eyeshadow.

The SHADE RANGE is quite beautiful and was love at first site. Individually, similar shades can be found in other pallets but to have them all together in such a shade range is what really makes this pallet unique. I can get a diversity of more natural shades but also a diversity of vibrant looks and even over the top looks.

Obvious DUPE is Lime Crime's Venus pallet. ABH's formula is far superior and the shadows are more finely milled and creamier; however, if you prefer a dryer shadow formulation then check out Venus. None of the shadows are exact shades dupes but close variations of every shadow in the Venus, except for Shell, can be found in Modern Renaissance. Modern Renaissance offers more diversity in shades and thus can range from a more wearable to an over the top look.

If your looking through all of these reviews trying to decide if this is a need, I say take the dive. This pallet is very different. I am enabling you to do it!

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on 6/24/2016 3:49:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Oily, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I purchased this palette online on the first day of its' release in UK and I did not regret the purchase. I own eyeshadow palettes from every brand virtually known and this by far was the most pigmented palette I have ever bought. On the first day of using it I recall dabbing lightly with my eyeshadow brush only for the brush to take up so much colour (with just a light dab!!!). I had a red, purpley, peach and cream fusion going on but I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the colour payoff was and this did last until close of day although the colour faded ever so slightly (given my extremely oily skin). Needless to say those with dry and combination skin will not suffer this problem. Also I didn't use an eye primer either.

In terms of the presentation the eyeshadow palette comes in a relatively simple outer cardboard box which houses a velvet pink palette cover on the inside.

In summary I strongly recommend this palette in every girl's makeup armoury. At £41 it is not cheap and I read a lot of criticism and people not wanting to buy it for this reason but what you have to think is that it is an investment that will last you a considerable amount of time. You do get your money back in terms of superior product quality. :) x

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Green

There's a lot I love about this palette. The shade range, names, softness, pigment, and the Renaissance theme. It's a beautiful palette for fall, but to me the shades are not what I'd wear for summer. What I don't like is the price increase, the fact that this is listed as only good for six months (yes, just six months), the amount you get total seems like a rip off, and the kick up of fallout. If you use the brush it comes with you're going to hit pan in no time and waste a lot of shadow. What you want to do is go in with a flat brush or an extremely soft blending brush, and barely tap each shadow to get the pigment on it.

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on 6/15/2016 5:10:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Brown, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Brown

If I could, I would give this palette a 4.5. I will break this review down into a few categories.

Cost/ Value:
This palette is $42 USD for ~0.28 oz of eyeshadow and a double-sided brush. The eyeshadow singles are ~0.059 oz for $12 each, or 4 for $40 USD. If my 2AM math is correct, that would be 0.236 oz of eyeshadow for $40. So, compared to the single shadows, the palette is slightly cheaper per oz. That being said, the amount is spread over 14 shadows instead of 4, so you are getting a lot less in each shadow, and the palette has less product than other palettes like the Naked or Chocolate Bar series. $42 is cheaper than a lot of palettes on the market and, while the total volume is significantly lower than other options, when was the last time you actually panned a whole palette?

I find the shadow quality to live up to the single shadow standards, something that isn't always true of large palettes. You will hit pan on these shades a lot faster, but I would rather pay for a quality product and use it up than have it sitting in my collection for years on end. I enjoy the brush included and use it often. The blender side is small enough for crease shades but fluffy enough to blend & diffuse color. The more flat end is perfect for more precise placement and packing on color.

Shade Selection
This palette has a distinct color range: very warm, lots of reds and oranges, good range of light, mid-tone, and deep. When you take a closer look, there are a few cooler toned shades to give variety that also work well with the warm shades without clashing. Color choice is a very subjective topic, but in my opinion the shades were well thought out and extremely cohesive. You can create a large range of looks for any occasion using the shades provided- there are both colorful and neutral mid-toned crease shades so this can swing in either the natural/ work-appropriate or trendy/ artistic directions.

I really enjoy the amount of mattes in the palette. My biggest criticism of the Naked palettes is the number of shimmery shades prevent you from creating a larger variety of looks. The mattes in this palette give you great versatility. The only thing I would have changed is to switch Vermeer or Primavera for a deeper gold/ copper for the lid, as these two shades look very similar once applied, and swapping Venetian Red or Love Letter for a deep burgundy or black, as those two also appear very similar on the lid. Aside from that, I have no complaints and as someone with a large collection of ABH single shadows, I am glad they took a departure from the neutrals.

If you are familiar with ABH shadows, I find the quality to be identical to that found in the single shadows. The mattes are softer & kick up more powder than the regular ultra mattes- I find them to match more closely with the Velvet formulation (like Dusty Rose). The shimmers are the same texture as the permanent shimmers, maybe a bit softer. They apply with full pigment and blend effortlessly. The mattes can be applied with a fluffy brush for a sheer wash, but can easily be packed on without becoming patchy. The shimmers can bunch up a bit when you go in too hard with your brush but smooth out nicely on the eye. They last all day with eye primer, but I do not typically have issues with lasting power as my eyelids are very dry. These do not emphasize my dryness or make my lids look crepe-y. My biggest complaint is that the mattes can muddy up a bit because they are so soft and easy to blend. It is difficult to get a lot of definition like you would need for a cut crease. I find sticking to 2-3 shades prevents the colors from muddying, but if you like to use a lot of different shadows and layering them just know it might not work with this formula.

I'm not in love with the package on this palette. The outside is a lovely light pink, but it is made of velvet and I know it will be dirty in no time. The top is also a bit flimsy and folds all the way back, like in previous palettes. These aren't deal breakers for me and it's not a hinderance when using the palette, it's just not as nice as other palettes on the market (but if it helps keep the cost down, I'm not complaining).

All in all, I am completely in love with this palette. The cost is average for the amount provided, but I am a believer in quality over quantity. I am a single shadow lover and have 2 large custom palettes; once I had those, I got rid of all of my large mainstream palettes because I do not like having shades go unused. Shade selection is very personal & subjective, but this is the first palette in years that I have truly loved every shade and had some kind of use for. They will work with a wide variety of skin tones/ undertones, and orangey-red complements most eye colors. The quality is consistent with their single shadows and are a dream to work with once you know not to use too many colors because they can get muddy. I applaud ABH for stepping outside of that neutral territory for their first permanent palette, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store. I recommend this to someone who is tired of all-neutral palettes, someone who likes warm toned shades but doesn't want to deal with social media brands like the Morphe 35O or the Violet Voss Holy Grail, or someone interested in a warm grunge palette but doesn't want to buy the LC Venus.

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