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12 years ago

I want to try this Black Label Lipstick to see why NYX would charge more compare to the other lipsticks they have. The Black Label lipstick has NO Lead!!! Which is great if you don't like lead in your cosmetics. I think even a small percentage of lead is bad. I was surprise that a cheap brand was able to make a NO Lead lipstick while other brands in expensive dept store or even drugstores still sell Lead in the cosmetics, that is so backwards and they hate people. The stores around my area where I am at don't have the Black Label Lipstick. The walk in stores just have the cheapest lipsticks from NYX. So I have to order this online. The lipstick was packaged in a paper box with "Lead Free" on it and inside a the lipstick has a lace design on the case. I got the color Nutmeg. A medium wine-brown color in the tube. When I tried it on my lips it looks like a wine-brown with a hint of yellow tint. I tried it on light, one layer and later a two layers of it. On the light layer try out, put lipstick on lower lips and then press lips together. My lips feel dry but not dry, the look of the lipstick was a matte look. My lips did NOT crack apart. On the two layer tryout, putting lipstick on both upper and lower lips, the lipstick gave a fruity smell and it feel moist. Over all the product did what it was suppose to do it gave a "creamy, velvety texture, and is silky smooth and moisturizing". However I am not a big fan of Nutmeg the color.

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Styles change quickly in the beauty world, but something you can always count...

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