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8 months ago

I have both this and the body lotion . This is more expensive but I Love this product as it’s smaller and easier to store in a bag compared to the large bottle. The texture is more balm like and thicker making it luxurious to apply . I do apply this over the body and a little does a long way . I prefer this over the lotion because sometimes the lotion is too intimidating to finish up

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6 years ago

It is a good everyday hand cream for winter time. Good price for daily usage. I still want to try out other brands partially because I am a cocoa scent person. Would also like something a bit more moisturizing because my hands are always in contact with liquids, they demand care.

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7 years ago

It's like a very greasy emollient. It doesnt absorb. Even though it says "fragrance free", it has this really gross smell.. When applying, I have to hold my hands out to avoid the smell. I don't know how to explain it, but if this is what fragrance free smells like, I'd rather have the cocoa butter smell. Luckily, this tube is small so I'm hoping to use this up in no time. It does nothing for my hands.

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12 years ago

this product gives the hands a satiny feel that makes them soft to touch. I have the fragrance free version that does not have that cocoa butter scent, thats not to say I do not love it as I love the smell of the palmers range.Unlike most hands creams this product IS NOT GREASY. that is great for me as I hate the products that take long to set in I have no time for it. This is an everyday essential for the person who suffers from dry hands like mine. It combines a SPF 8 and also Vitamin E so your hands a getting a lot of care. There is no residue left over that wipes off its just silky soft hands what I want. A bonus is its compant and lightweight to carry around in your handbag saily which is wwhat our dry handed girls needs to do.

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