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7 years ago

I'm not fond of the packaging -- in fact a lot of YB's packaging kind of irks me, because a lot of it is loose powders that fly up everywhere when you shut the lid. But that's my only beef with YB. Let me just tell you... I love Lunar Dust! It is a shimmery highlight, and I like all three shades. Dusk is more of a bronzer, Sunset is more like a blush and Twilight is a versatile, translucent powder. I normally do not like shimmery products, but I like Lunar Dust. Beautiful on the cheeks and even on your chest and shoulders if you so please.

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12 years ago

I adore this product from YoungBlood.. It's a loose powder but works a bit like a highlighter, and it puts a lovely shimmer to the face.. It comes in three different shades.. It's lovely, and it's especially nice in the winter to make the face more lively, not recommended at photoshoots and in the summer just cause of the fact that it's a bit shimmery.. But I can't live without it, it's so beautiful :)

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