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8 years ago

Not terrible, but not the best. Very, very, very sticky and doesn''t feel easy to apply to the lips. Also, it does do what it delivers- makes your lips super shiny. However, it didnt feel or look sexy to me... my lips are my favorite feature and this didnt do much for them, just looked blindingly shiny , like I was trying too hard.

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11 years ago

I got my second shinylicious lip gloss today in a week!! i made another review about these lip glosses about how horrible they were but i guess i was just fooling myself because of all the other bad reviews. they are actually good! reasons for them: - NOT STICKY, GOES ON LIKE BUTTER seriously! it's NOT STICKY AT ALL! i usually need to apply chap stick befre putting on lip glosses b/c they would be sticky but not for these ones! - COLOR ON YOUR LIPS these lip glosses actually have color! others just go on clear which i don't like.don't worry it's not heavy color, just a little but you can tell - GREAT PRICE though lip glosses tend to be expensive for just a small tube, these are $5.49 each which is good considering all the pros it has though the smell isn't that great, it's not a must have for me so i will definitely buy more!!

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13 years ago

This is my favorite lipgloss of the summer (and I've tried *many*)! It's a slick, non-sticky gloss with relatively impressive staying power. I love the scent of it -- the smell alone is enough to make me want to reapply! The color however, it also a contributing factor. It's a sheer reddish color in the tube but goes onto my slightly pigmented lips nearly clear. I love the hint of color that it gives my lips, but this is definitely not for the girls looking for any real pigment in their gloss. I am a fan and will repurchase if I run out while Maybelline still produces it!

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