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5 years ago

Ordered this online from all the great reviews I've read about this brand. Ordered the # 10 since my feet are good and don't need much. Mr. Pumice and all of the like tear my heels up. The # 10 is perfect for me. If removes whatever bit of small buildup I get on the edges of my heels and makes them perfectly soft and smooth. The buildup comes off as a super, super fine dust. I wear hosiery, and I need for my feet to be completely smooth and soft so as to not snag my delicate stockings and pantyhose. For me, the # 10 suits my needs perfectly. Would gladly spend the money many times over for this gem.

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7 years ago

Diamancel products are VERY. VERY expensive - but IMHO worth it. I love the foot buffer and the nail files, too. This version is less aggressive than the #20 (tough buffer) but still was plenty aggressive. BE CAREFUL and do not over-buff.

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10 years ago

I think this is a fine enough Diamancel for mildly reptilian feet. I bought this one first for my severely reptilian feet but soon enough looked for a stronger, heavy duty, faster Diamancel. Ergo, I ordered the incredible Diamancel #20. If I were to do it again, I would not have bought this Diamancel and would have just gone straight for the #20 even though the #10 has a very nice handle and the #20 is a little flimsier. The sanding difference is dramatic. Either way, if your feet are as bad as mine were, be prepared for hours of sanding. If you only have minor callusing or dry skin, it won't be so bad. These rasps mean business. To compliment your foot care, consider Kerasal ointment and socks at bedtime, pumice scrub and a Mr Pumice purple stone in the shower, too. Also, don't confuse a callus that is associated with a plantar wart with a regular callus. The plantar wart calluses are tender to touch. Regular calluses are not. Plantar warts need different treatments, like a series of liquid nitrogen freezes at the dermatologist or a salicylic wart stick or, believe it or not, duct tape.

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13 years ago

I got this as a gift. While it is not the "tough buffer" which I thought I needed, it removes the thick skin on my heels just fine. I'm glad I didn't get a tougher one, because I still over-buffed once and could feel the nerves on the bottom of heel for weeks. I am much more careful now. I buff for a couple minutes, rinse off the dust, and apply Aquaphor and socks. I keep it clean with a little rubbing alcohol. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with chronic calloused feet.

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