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Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline Mineral Foundation


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Package Quality: 3.0

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 3.0

Price: $$$


Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides

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on 2/27/2017 1:07:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Black, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Black

i'm an oily-skinned 30-something who's tried for years to find a perfect powder foundation, but there's a trifecta of issues i encounter: color-matching (pale yellow is always too yellow or peachy, pale neutrals are too peachy or pink, and pale cools are WAY too pink), acne (living that "everything is a breakout trigger" life), and oxidization (SO ORANGE. ORANGE FOREVER).

after a couple weeks of flawless feline, i'm 92% sure i've found my endgame powder. admittedly, winter is the least challenging season for foundations and summer is going to be the real gauntlet, but considering its biggest flaw right now is that it's TOO good at oil control, i have a feeling it's going to handle the heat gracefully.


- color match! meow cosmetics offers something like 13 different undertones, with 4-7 shades per undertone. if you're a difficult undertone match in mainstream foundation lines, chances are good you're likely to at least come close to a good match here. i found my match in korat, a neutral beige without any hint of pink or peachiness, with a bit of extra yellow, something i've never been able to find anywhere else.

- no oxidization! normally most foundations go orange on me; some will be stopped by primer, but a lot won't. with this, i don't even have to prep or prime, it just straight up doesn't oxidize no matter how long i leave it on. no more uncomfortable orange face!

- oil control! honestly, i feel a little TOO dry at the end of the day. where i might be shiny in 6 hours with a normal powder, i'm just at the "healthy glow" stage around the 10 hour mark with meow.

- the finish, especially over a thin layer of liquid foundation, is amazing. i've been using it as a setting powder over one pump of revlon colorstay, and it's the first time i've been able to achieve actual full coverage without looking cakey or like i'm wearing a papier mache mask.


- the packaging is really inelegant, but that's sort of expected when you're shopping with an indie company who can't afford to do a 100,000 piece run of bespoke glass jars. you're paying a little more than drugstore price for packaging that's a little worse, but keep in mind you're ALSO paying a little more than drugstore price for a product that competes with mid/high-end. if you're really concerned about aesthetics, depot into your favorite container and pretend it just came that way the whole time.

- i can think of a lot of more descriptive but less kind words to use for the website, so for the sake of the review, i'll go with "hot mess." the website is a hot mess. again, i totally understand why an indie would be hesitant to take down a site that functions without issues and lose money in the time it takes to switch to a newer, prettier platform, but it is a pain to navigate.

- my sample order arrived within a few days, but it took about a week for them to ship out my second order containing a munchkin size of korat plus some blush and highlighter samples. this is pretty much par for the course when you shop with indies (i've had to wait a month with some companies), but if you've never shopped indie before, you're going to get agitated. this ain't no amazon prime. meow cosmetics clearly states their turnaround time on their customer service page, and i found my orders took less time to get to me than the stated TAT both times.


- very slightly itchy if you use it on your bare skin. it doesn't cause me physical skin irritation and the sensation goes away pretty quickly, but if you're sensitive to face-feels or tend to develop rashes from irritation, you might want to stay away. however, i've had zero problems or itchiness just using it as a setting powder over liquid, so keep that in mind.

- if you're as blemishy and blotchy and unevenly skintoned as me, you know that any powder foundation that advertises as full coverage is going to be light-medium at absolute best. it's the same thing here: if you use this powder on its own and you want full coverage, you're going to have to layer it multiple tones, which is going to start to look noticeably powder after two layers. if you're looking for medium coverage, you're good to go, but if you're buying full coverage for actual full coverage, you're going to want to layer this over your liquid.


- ORDER SAMPLES. order samples if you aren't already matched to a meow color and order samples if you aren't sure of your coverage. color matches do NOT carry over to other coverages, so if you're a perfect 5 mau in full coverage and decide you want to switch, you are going to be SOL if you order a full size jar of 5 mau in light coverage and discover it doesn't match. they don't take returns and they aren't as willing to bend over backwards like other indies, so don't expect to get your money back if you order a mismatch and sheepishly ask for a refund.

- this goes double for darker skinned women! meow tends to jump shades for darker skintones, so order a sample in the shade you think you are, plus one step lighter and one step darker. you may very well have to mix shades in order to get the right color for you.

edit - 7/3/18

a year and a half later and i'm still totally in love. i finished the first munchkin-sized jar in about four months, and immediately ordered a full size, which i'm just finishing up. i live this foundation.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Cool

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

Not really a fan of this or the company.

It took the company 7 days to fulfill my order. They also require a $10 minimum purchase in addition to charging quite a bit on shipping- more than they actually need to spend to ship an item.
Their samples were kind of chintzy. I have used Alima in the past and they will give you mini pots, but Meow just puts them in ziploc baggies. It seems petty but it affects how messy and functional the product is. I tried the flawless version of the foundation and found it really powdery. Believe me, there are mineral powders out there that melt into your skin. Much of it has to do with the milling process of the foundation. The finish on this left me powdery, with no coverage, and it clung to my dry skin.
Also, regarding the milling process. I know that Meow sells these 3 oz, mega jars of foundation. I am sure they are less expensive than other brands, but because the foundation is not finally milled you will use much more to get the coverage of a higher quality foundation.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

This is an absolute HG foundation for me. I use the flawless feline foundation in sleek chausie.

The color chart on their website is helpful and I was able to find a great match after ordering a few samples. They have comparisons to popular brands' foundation shades to give you an idea of where to start and there is a large selection of colors. There are several different undertones (cool pink, warm pink, beige, olive, etc.) and each of those is offered in 6 different shades. I have trouble finding foundations pale enough for me but I am actually not the lightest shade in this brand.

The coverage is the best of any mineral make up I have tried, including BE and EDM. I don't think powders can achieve as heavy coverage as liquid or cream foundations, but this is pretty good and very buildable. It does start to look powdery if too much is applied. I apply with a kabuki brush and it covers small pimples/ discolorations, but not under eye circles or very red spots.

My skin tends to be very sensitive and I have not had any problems with this product. It has not caused any breakouts of irritation for me. With BE I had a lot of itching.

Overall this is a good every-day foundation for me. It is easy and quick to apply, lasts all day, and gives nice medium coverage that looks like natural skin. I have been using it for several months and still have a ton left in the container. I will re-purchase!

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

I've been an Everyday Minerals (EDM) customer for years. After I ran out of my last full size (about 6 months ago), I've been trying dozens of other foundations to find the *perfect* one. I tried a bunch of liquid foundations, which look and smell like paint to me now. I like the applications and the ingredients of mineral foundations. Somehow I found out about Meow Cosmetics and decided to give it a shot. I can't help but compare Meow to EDM in this review.

Everyone talks about the cheap $1 samples, but you need a minimum order of $10 and they charge you $4.35 for shipping. That means you are paying $14.35 for SAMPLES. Compare that to EDM which charges you nothing for the samples and $2-3 for shipping.

I used Meow's color help service and they suggested Siamese, Abyssinian, and Korat in the 0 and 1 depth. I skipped over the 0 depth entirely and managed to get 1 depth ("Sleek") in Siamese, Abyssinian, and Korat, plus 2 depth ("Frisky") Korat from somone in a swap. I wasn't even able to assess Abyssinian becasue it was so light, almost white. It would have looked ghoastly. Korat seems to be a decent match, but I'm between Sleek and Frisky in depth. I'm not willing to buy 2 right now, so I ordered a full size of Frisky Korat in the Pampered forumla and hope for the best! I placed my order 10 days ago and I haven't received it yet, nor have I gotten confirmation of shipping. I realize that I purchased it during a sale but I think it's not unreasonable to expect to get the things you ordered within a week. I've since run out of my Korat samples and went on to Siamese while I wait, and I'm surprised how nice it looks as a full application. Many people are saying that if you want Flawless you need an exact match. I think even with Flawless, there are probably a few matches which would look good on you. Siamese seems to be the one that gets recommended to everyone to at least try.

I find that the Flawless formula is not very heavy, but kind of a medium coverage. It seems to disappear into my skin, which makes me feel that this is more of a powder than a foundation.

I took a photo of myself with EDM and it looked very obvious on my skin, thick, powdery, and a bit yellow. In general, EDM has an awful color selection (although they did introduce a new color organization scheme yesterday) - disorganized, extreme colors (some were very pink, extremely yellow, or gray). Meow organizes the colors in a way that makes sense and offers 86 colors in 3 formulas, plus pure white in case you need it. After I compared it to a photo of myself wearing Meow, I decided to go with Meow. It looked very natural on my skin (BUT it doesn't seem to cover as much either).

The things I prefer about EDM: the website, fast shipping, the price of samples
The things I prefer about Meow: the number of colors, true color matches, and the finish.
If only these two companies could merge and combine the best of both worlds...!

Meow also does not have a return policy, which troubles me. I have never EVER returned a cosmetic for any reason. If I don't like it, I live with it. But the fact that they don't even have that option is strange. Slow, slow processing time. Excessively priced samples. And a website which could do with some modernization and a professional graphic designer. Nevertheless, this seems to be a quality product, with skin-friendly ingredients, a large color selection, and reasonably priced for full-sized products. I could see myself becoming a regular customer.

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on 2/2/2014 8:45:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

I tried samples from this site once before, and I wasn't really blown away with their foundation. My purpose of my first order was to get some of the -amazing- blushes after seeing beautiful swatches online. I got some face samples - just because.

My second time around, I figured I would give these a better shot. My tried and true foundation never really matched me, and I was tried of mixing to get my shade every single day. I needed something easier.

Firstly, their foundation charts are INSANE, in a good way! There are even foundation matches based from other brands, so transitioning is easier. Along with the detailed descriptions given, I pretty much had my shade from my first order! I love that your color has a shade range, so you can go lighter, or darker with ease. No more mixing (hopefully!). This site has the best shade range I've seen anywhere, in stores or online. I've also never had a foundation that actually matched ME before. I'm blown away by this! I'm neutral, leaning yellow, and Frisky Siamese is just right. Why did I gave up on this in my first order?!

For me, this has build-able coverage. Major acne scarring will not be covered up with one layer (at least mine won't). This has nothing to do with quality issues. I've used MM for years, from several brands, and layering for coverage has always been a must.
Layering is pretty easy, though, and it leaves out the need for concealer. I never feel like I have a heavy face, even after hours of wear. M

I also use dense kabuki brushes. The Eco Tools retractable (retracting it in can make this super dense when I need it), and the Eco Tools Bronzing Dome brush are both great. If you're looking for super full coverage, a dense brush is a must as well.

I do set with a pressed powder, or cornstarch, and this lasts until I wash it off. All day long! I've used this for about a week, and I'm sold.

My samples came in baggies, which are annoying, but cheap and functional - so whatever. The big jars look adorable on the site, so I will comment when mine comes!

There is a $10 minimum you have to spend on the site when you place an order. With a small company, I understand the need for that, but be warned. There is also a commit to order prompt that you must agree to, stating no changes can be made once the order goes through. I'm not sure why this policy is in place either, but the three times I have ordered, I've never encountered an issue.

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on 1/20/2014 12:29:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

ABOUT MY SKIN: I am extremely pale with minor skin problems including mild rosacea. I have this in Inquisitive Chartreux. I have combo skin, but my dry areas are very dry.

PACKAGE - This is a way bigger container than any other mineral foundation I've ever encountered! The design is a little quaint, but I like that. It comes in a cute bag too!

VALUE - Good grief!! I have had mine for over a year and I do not feel like I have used any of it. There is an inordinate amount of product for the money!

APPLICATION - I have applied this with several brushes and all of them have worked well with this foundation. The only thing I think is important to say about applying this product, is go light. This stuff will make you look like you have a pound of makeup on, even if you only put a tiny bit. Be careful!

WEAR - I don't use a primer, but I would suggest that most people should. It will last all day on my face, unless I touch it. In which case, I will remove some onto my finger where I rubbed/scratched my face.

FINISH - Very, extremely natural. This is one of the more natural looking products I have ever used, provided that you apply it lightly. There is very little to no shimmer and it seems to even and smooth out my face.

COLOR RANGE - This is where Meow has got it covered! The have more than 80 colors or something like that. If you are extremely pale and can't find any other suitable foundation, please try this! There are also several undertone options, which is great if you are on the extreme end of the color spectrum, because you can find a true match!!

FACIAL CARE - If you want to use this foundation, you have to ensure that you are exfoliated and moisturized or you will have a lot of problems with it.

IRRITATION - I am sensitive to almost everything I put on my skin. But even though this does contain mica, it has never been problematic for me. Other foundations have caused me to break out, but this one leaves my skin very healthy looking.

OVERALL - Get yourself some samples and fall in love with this foundation.

NOTE - I tried the lighter version of this foundation, Pampered Puss, and found that it was much more shimmery (which is not my personal preference.)

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

I've been using Meow since Aromaleigh went out of business awhile back. I tried all three formulas, but Flawless Feline seems best suited to my skin. I like medium to full coverage, and if my skin is behaving, FF delivers. I've been struggling with hormonal acne since going off the pill, and this definitely doesn't contribute to my skin problems. In fact, it probably saved my skin because wearing heavy liquid foundation every day to hide my hideousness wasn't letting my skin breathe. Even though this doesn't cover every little blemish/scar, it does make my skin look decent enough that I'm not insecure about it. I also love the it can hold up the extremes of my skin. I have normal to dry skin in the winter, and oily to really oily skin in the summer. One of the biggest perks I've found is their amazing range of shades! I'm fair but really yellow, and Meow has given me the best color match so far (I use Naughty Angora). I've been through one of their munchkin sizes, and after using it up, I repurchased but in the full size. I love how affordable Meow is! I've been using the full size since July 2012, and I have more than half left after using it every single day. I wouldn't go so far as to say this is my HG, but because it works for me and is affordable, I don't really have the desire to look for anything else.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

After seeing this regarded as so many people's holy grail foundation, I decided to give it a try. I ordered a ton of samples, and it took almost three weeks to receive them. None of them were a spot-on match, but Inquisitive Siamese was extremely close. I liked it enough to order a full size, though going back to their website made me realize how much I dislike the cat theme. I like kitties, and I think the names of the products themselves are cute (Feliner, Pampered Puss, etc.), but carrying that over to the foundation shades is a bit ridiculous. I want to be able to go straight to what I'm looking for, not have to click on cat breeds to see which undertones they match. Anyway, after placing my order, it was about two weeks before my foundation even shipped. I understand that happens, but I'd now invested over a month just to get my correct shade of foundation.

I really like the large size jar, and I like that I can dump some into the lid and get it on my brush from there. However, the formula just doesn't work for me. I do have some beige and pink undertones, but the corresponding foundation shades had too much of them for me. The neutral provides the best coverage, but it just don't look right on me. It does cover up what I want, but it still lets my barely-there pink undertone shine through. If I want to really tone it down, I have to apply so much foundation that it starts looking chalky/grey. I have to spend a lot of time applying it just so, so that my acne scars and red skin is covered without looking like I have a pound of powder on my face. It can be done, but I can't stand in front of the mirror for half an hour most days.

Aside from the color issue, I can get some serious discomfort from this foundation. It does itch some when I first apply it, though if I've recently put on a moisturizer, it's not as bad. However, if I sweat or if it's humid outside, I itch a LOT. The skin under my eyes will actually burn enough that I have to rinse the makeup off with water to make it stop. I live in Florida, so...yeah. That happens a lot. I know Pampered Puss is supposed to negate this problem, but it simply does not have the coverage I need.

All that said, the foundation never seemed to clog my pores, and I only need minor touch ups on my nose and chin after a couples hours of wear. I don't think that outweighs the down sides, unfortunately.

As it stands right now, I will be looking for a new foundation. I'm sure if I tried, I could find another shade that matches better. Or I could spend a long time on my makeup every day, applying a ton of concealer so I could get away with a lighter coverage formula. However, that could easily take several months since just getting a batch of samples easily takes three weeks. It's very disappointing since even after four months, I've barely made a dent in the jar. I do think I will keep it around to apply with a wet brush as a concealer, though.

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

First and foremost, this foundation made my face itch, which is never a good sign. It does have decent coverage, but not "flawless" coverage. I'd say it's better than most MMU, but is far from full coverage. You still need to layer it on to cover trouble spots.

The main deterrent for me is the fact that they have SO MANY colors to choose from that it's ridiculous trying to find a match. Rather than making it easy and having cool tones, neutral tones, neutral with yellow, yellow, olive, and peach, etc., they make it so freaking complicated! And meanwhile, I've found so many matches for my skin with other MMU brands, but not a single match with meow cosmetics!

The other frustrating aspect is the fact that their "depths" don't match up. So, I placed an order with about 12 foundation samples in the "sleek" depth and some were way darker than others, while others were so much lighter. It also took 2 weeks to get my order and I'm in the U.S., so if I wanted to order more samples to try to figure out what my color is in the other "depths", it would take at least a month and a half of trying foundation shades only to be disappointed in the end.

Waste of money and the pictures on the site do not accurately depict colors, so my blush samples were a waste of money. The whole purchase was a waste of money, but we have to try to figure it out.

I've since found Lauress Ethereal and that's HG for me, for now. I've reviewed that separately.

on 2/27/2011 11:59:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I normally use Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss in Inquisitive Korat but I was starting to run out and wanted to see how well the Flawless Feline provided coverage, so I ordered a sample of it to try out. No matter how well I prepped my skin (exfoliation, letting moisturizer sink in, using/not using primer, using VERY little, etc.) I could not get this to consistently work well. The coverage is really quite good/heavy, however the problem is that it either ends up looking cakey, accentuates ANY dry skin and migrates when I start to sweat. I knew I looked bad when my husband saw me outside and asked me if I was feeling okay because I looked so much paler than normal; although I ordered the same color as in Pampered Puss, the extra coverage made me look like a ghost. I really like Meow Cosmetics products, but this is a definite no-go for me.

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