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12 years ago

Fabulous hot pink with a slight shimmer. It also has a hint of coral in the colour, but it's not overwhelming. I normally won't wear anything that's even remotely coral, but Fiji Fling is just gorgeous. Application for me was great - full coverage in 2 coats, but I had noticable tip wear within 2 days. I like the colour enough to put up with a bit of tip wear though!!

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14 years ago

I like this as a toe color, but it's a tad too bright for tips. It's a hot pink, that's fairly warm but doesn't have any orangey tones. Before, my staple bright pink was OPI Flashbulb Fuschia, but I realized that it was a bit too cool for my complexion and was making me look really wrinkly and sallow. There's some fine shimmer in the polish, enough to make it not flat, but not too sparkly or anything. As usual, I love the China Glaze formula, I feel like it's thinner and more spreadable than OPI (which I feel can be thick and goopy sometimes). It can be kind of sheer which is irritating, but with 3 coats, it's perfectly opaque and bright. I really like this polish, but I'm not sure if I would repurchase, I mean, there's just so many polishes to try! But I really would miss this polish if it disappeared from my collection, so I suppose I would repurchase.

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14 years ago

This is a fun shade for summer toes... what I had hoped OPI Strawberried in the Sand would look like on me (but it's sadly too sheer). Very pretty bright warm pinky coral with no orange.

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