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Package Quality: 3.4

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on 10/8/2017 3:26:00 PM

Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I adore this fragrance. No, it's not the Wind Song I wore while in high school in 1977, but it's so clean and fresh smelling. The dusting powder is nice as well. I recommend at least trying this...a few day try, letting it dry down, before deciding.

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Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

This review is for the early 1970s vintage formulation.

Top Notes: Coriander, Orange Leaf, Mandarin Orange, Tarragon, Neroli, Bergamot, Lemon.

Heart Notes: Cloves, Carnation, Orris Root, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Brazilian Rosewood.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Benzoin, Vetiver, Cedar.

I have not worn Wind Song in decades, and I have no idea what the current formulation smells like, but I remember Wind Song as a nice dupe of Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps, which is not to say there was anything wrong with Wind Song, but I think L'Air du Temps EdP is much nicer with better projection and sillage. If you like one, you will probably like the other. Both are soft, very feminine florals. I still wear L'Air du Temps EdP because it is elegant and delicious with the freshest carnation note I have ever smelt.

I recall Wind Song's telly commercials with as much fondness as I do those of L'Air du Temps. Wind Song's vintage bottle was lovely, but it would be hard to top L'air du Temp's double dove bottle.

Fragrance: 6/10
Projection: 4/10
Sillage: 4/10
Longevity: 4/10

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on 3/30/2014 7:02:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I can't understand all the glowing reviews for this. I have mixed feelings about this scent. It's been around a long time, and is a staple in most drug and discount stores. It's a strong floral, heavy and elegant, but it's just too old school for me. The scent brought me a flood of memories recently, as I sprayed it on and was reminded of my high school days. I didn't like it then much either, but somehow everyone had this floating around on their dresser, back in the 90's before body sprays were hugely popular. It's very long lasting and ultra feminine, but I can't get past the images of old ladies in long winter coats going around in Woolworth's. Sorry folks. To each their own.

Age: 30-35

Skin: Dry, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brown, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Simply put, this is a good girl's perfume. If you would prefer to be noticed for being pretty, this is for you. But if you would prefer to be noticed for being sexy, this perfume will turn you off completely. Not to worry, though. Sexy perfumes and colognes fill our shelves, so you have plenty to choose from. For those of us ladies who like pearls, lace, silk and cashmere, our choices are much more limited.

This is a wholesome fragrance that works surprisingly well in a myriad of environments, including the beach. I mention this because I live in central FL and was totally surprised to find out how beautifully this perfume meshed with the salty ocean air wafting through Daytona Beach and its surrounding cities.

How breathtakingly wonderful it was to finally find a perfume that expresses to the world who I am on the inside, and just from a fragrance. That's never, ever happened to me before, nor did it ever occur to me that this was possible.

If you like being feminine in a traditional way, or like sweet scents, try this twice. I say twice because it's so different that you may not fall in love with it or even like it the first time you try it. I know I didn't. In fact, it took me a few times to realize the magic it beholds.

There are retro commercials on YouTube that sum up this perfume perfectly, especially the one with the carefree woman riding a bicycle while wearing a beautiful scarf that is flowing in the breeze. There are very few companies that advertise their products to properly demonstrate what it's all about, but this is one of them. Too bad they don't make commercials anymore.

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

If I were reviewing Wind Song as still manufactured by Prince Matchabelli (not Parfums de Coeur), I'd give it 5 lippies. I have some older bottles from the '70s and '80s and they've held up very well in cool storage. *That* Wind Song is a soft, timeless, elegant carnation-based floral with tarragon/green notes that my husband and kids (who generally have more modern tastes) absolutely love on me. It gives off a cool, spicy aura all day and truly is mysterious and captivating. Sure, it was never a prestige product, and even the vintage bottles come in motley styles and look cheap. But it smells fantastic--- as many "drugstore" scents once did. You can get vintage Wind Song in copious quantities at cheap prices on eBay; it's definitely worth a try.

My two-star review is for what Wind Song has slowly become over time, since PDC bought Prince Matchabelli in the early '90s and started putting it in green boxes with birds on them and calling it "Extraordinary Cologne." I get that this is an older scent and they weren't about to drop lots of cash to keep it alive. At first the reformulation wasn't at all bad. The aldehydes got a little sharper, the florals a little less complex, but the bone structure was there.

However, the 2015 bottle I recently bought at Walgreens was so laughably bad I returned it the same day. I knew it was gonna suck when I saw "made in China"' on the box and the lengthy chemical list of ingredients. One spray filled my nostrils with a sort of used-cigarette/chemical-toilet cheapness, which eventually settled into a vague suggestion of Wind Song that, even in the dry down, was competing with the unpleasant chemical pong in a way that makes this not worth wearing.

I also noticed online that PDC Brands (latest iteration of Parfums de Coeur) no longer manufactures Prince Matchabelli products. Apparently no one does, and they're going out of production. At this point, that's merciful. But this lovely scent is worth having in its vintage form.

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Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Dry, Fair, Cool

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

Wind Song begins with a blast of citrus notes that rather quickly fades into soapiness for a few hours. If you stick around say five hours or so, the delightful cloves and spices kick in. And then the magic begins. Prince Matchabelli's fragrances stick it out for the long haul and always have, surprising you each and every turn of the way.
It's like taking a road trip on a winding, curving highway along a mountain. You're driving to the top and it's exciting because you know when you get there the view is fabulous. In the meantime, the road twists and turns and it careens in different directions. You have no idea where this fragrance is going, but you know at the end there is a treasure. The end is worth the while.
This is a perfume that lingers from when it was made-the early 1950's. Perhaps it has chosen to stay there when we see images of perfumes and the women that might represent them. I think of Ethel of "I Love Lucy" who might have chosen this perfume because Fred would have bought it for her. And she would have worn it simply because she owned it and it smelled good to her for that era.
But for those of us who sit and compare perfume after perfume, dissect them, yes, this is quite vintage and different.
Although its notes are many, they mix to create a familiar scent immediately that seems to put off many. You can call it powder, or a fancy soap wrapped in a soap dish, and it seems to have that effect on many. It's called soapiness, and it's found in many vintage fragrances. And for women of that era, women that could not afford expensive perfumes, women who lived the American Dream who shopped Main Street department stores and drugstores, Wind Song was theirs. They knew it had potential. They knew the desirability of Prince Matchabelli perfumes. And if you wait for the dry down, you'll see it too. You'll find the cloves and spices mesmerizing their way in hours later.
Prince Matchabelli perfumes are magical in their own way. They never cease to amaze me. You just have to give them time to develop and mature on your skin to appreciate their capacity.
Top Notes: Coriander, Orange Leaf, Mandarin Orange, Tarragon, Neroli, Bergamot, Lemon.
Middle Notes: Cloves, Carnation, Orris Root, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Brazilian Rosewood.
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Benzoin, Vetiver, Cedar.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Oily, Medium, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Brown

The dry-down of this is comforting and soft to me. I just love it. I admit I was drawn to the cute birds on the packaging. When I initially smelled it after spraying it on, I thought I had made a mistake buying this, but on my skin it developed into a floral oriental and dried down to a woody powdery smell ( I wish I could do a better job describing this) and then it didn't seem too bad. I wouldn't say this is a "mature" scent at all. I can see this being a bit unisex and for those who cannot tolerate overly floral or gourmand scents. It is light, but I can still smell this on my skin and clothes. I would say if you enjoy floral/powdery smells, then this is a good fragrance to try. It gets a bonus lippie for the retro packaging.

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on 11/18/2012 1:52:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Brown

This scent is both beautiful and holds memories for me.
Its a floral oriental that is perfect for anytime of the day and it isnt very spicy or strong. It winds down to a pretty powdery scent with hints of sandalwood. My dad got this for me as a kid not knowing he did. It came as a solid perfume in a vintage owl from the 50s. I wear this scent mainly at.night because its so comforting before i go to bed.

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on 3/31/2011 8:29:00 AM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Very Oily, Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I'm generally not a fan of florals, except when they are supported by sweet/fruit notes (eg. the blackcurrant in Guerlain's Champs-Elysees, & the honey & peach in Burberry Weekend), so I'm really surprised that I would end up loving a classic green floral like Wind Song (guess my tastes in perfumes have significantly matured over the years...). Having read reviews touting Wind Song as a much cheaper, less complex version of Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps, I thought what the heck. Might as well buy Wind Song first & see what all the hoopla is about... if I didn't like it, at least I wouldn't have lost much money compared to if I had bought blind its more expensive older sister (naturally, as with most fine classic fragrances, both of them are "conveniently" not available in my country).

Of course, the first time I tried Wind Song, I hated it. I couldn't believe how harsh & chemically it smelled -- it stung my nostrils & gave me a throbbing headache. I didn't find anything appealing about it whatsoever & could not, for the life of me, understand how anyone could give this perfume a positive, glowing review. However, I decided to give it another chance & lo & behold, by the third day, I had miraculously done a complete 180. This time, instead of harsh chemicals, I finally got the soft, pleasant, old-fashioned, soapy, spicy/citrusy/green floral everyone's been raving about... & I absolutely LOVE it! Imagine that... from HATE to LOVE in just THREE days! LOL. Unbelievable! Now, I even find myself sniffing the bottle & missing the scent dearly whenever I'm not wearing it. :-)

By the way, the bird-adorned box is sooo adorable, hands down one of the prettiest perfume boxes I've ever seen. Seriously, I can spend HOURS looking at it! :-) Such a shame, though, that the cologne bottle itself is rather plain...

Fragrance family: Classical Floral (Bouquet)

Fragrance notes:

Top: Leaves (green), Jasmine, Rose, Mandarin
Heart: Carnation, Clove, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine
Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber

(*source: Michael Edwards)

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on 7/2/2011 5:46:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

For five years I have been smelling something absolutely wonderful off of my uncle I thought it was some kind of lotion. I finally had the nerve to get personal and ask him why he smelled so wonderful. He got very embarassed and hesitant and I thought he was going to say it was his hemmhoroid cream or something by the way he reacted. Then he told me an ex-girlfriend wore it and he loved the scent so he's been wearing it ever since. I ran out and bought some. At first I was VERY disappointed--chemical nightmare. But after a rather long dry down it smelled absolutely wonderful. Clean soapy powdery soft lotion type scent--something like je reviens only better. I won't be without it.

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