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4 years ago

I don't recommend anybody try this unless you have EXTREMELY oily skin and that your skin is somewhat tolerant and not sensitive. It was way too harsh on my face and actually stung for a few days. I followed something similar to the reviewers directions two below mine where I applied the pulp all over my face and rubbed it around. I wouldn't try this and think there are a lot better options to prevent outbreaks.

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12 years ago

i have dry sensitive skin and i use lemon juice once a week and find it really helps to keep away breakouts. It is an excellent exfoliant! I do find it burns when you first put it on, but no worse than any other alcohol based toner i have used. My housemate has really oily skin and she finds it works well for her too. Maybe mother nature knows better than expensive beauty companies....

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14 years ago

This really works well for oily skin. It will keep away the greasies AND help dramatically clear your outbreaks! But, if you have dry skin, please stay far away, or add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil in when you wash so it will help moisturize. DIRECTIONS: Peel a lemon and break up the flesh of the lemon into a pulp that will apply to face well. Apply the flesh and its juice all over your face. Let it sit for a minute or two or continue to rub the flesh and juice around your skin. Wash with tepid water. You can do this as often as you like (not more than once per day). Or you can even mix a teaspoon in with your regular cleanser, or even with honey and a few drops of olive oil to make your own cleanser. Be careful as this can sting a bit, but the results are well worth it. People with truly oily skin will benefit from this, but those with dry skin should definitely stay away.

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