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12 years ago

NYX Lip Balm is a fruit (there are 8 choices) flavored / scented lip balm packaged in a cute frosted plastic pot with a black lid. On top of the lid there's a sticker identifying the fruit. It looks cheap - but cute. The product itself is a translucent jelly-like balm which is tinted according to the fruit flavor - except for Peach, which is blue (?!), every other color is perfectly logical. I cannot vouch for the others, but Grape at least leaves no tint whatsoever on the lips, it goes on clear. <br>&nbsp;<br> The texture is a sort of jelly that goes on thick and quite sticky for a balm, my hair likes to get caught in it, and this is not what I expect when I think I'm only wearing some lip balm. As a result of this sticky texture, NYX Lip Balm actually performs more like a lip gloss. Grape smells strongly of an artificially sweet grape, and to my surprise it tastes very sweet too. This is another con to this product in my book, as I keep unknowingly licking it off! And, finally, I cannot say much for the moisturizing qualities of this product. Maybe it's due to petrolatum being first on the ingredient list, but quite frankly my lips don't feel like they are getting good moisture other than being coated and 'protected' from the elements. <br>&nbsp;<br> To wrap it up, NYX Lip Balm is not a good product as far as lip balms go, but it's not crap either, and it may just be the yummy flavored clear gloss in a pot you've been looking for, as long as you're expecting a gloss, and not a balm. And I got clear gloss a' plenty here, so I would not repurchase this one.

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14 years ago

The NYX lip balms come in 9 gram, screw lid plastic jars. Very simple and minimalistic. Let it be known that I have the dryest lips ever, constantly chapped, especially in the colder months. I just bought this today, but the true test will be when the cold hits. Basically these are scented lip balms (duh), I have the Grape one which I bought for $1.95, it smells just like a grape Jolly Rancher. The texture is very thick, but smooth and non- greasy ( I hate greasy lip balm with a passion). I was afraid with petroleum being high on the list that it would be like Vaseline but nope, no greasy lips, just a smooth appearance and soft shine. I will edit with any updates if something comes up, but so far this is really nice stuff.

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14 years ago

Prol. my least fave, but I still like it.

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