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10 years ago

<br> chanel is my go-to company for face powders, bronzers & blush. most of my HG products from them I bought site unseen, oasis bronzer is one of them.. <br> when I need a good bronzer, I usually pull out my CHANEL 4 facettes, its sheer yet pigmented and has 4 stripes with all diff finishes. its very versitile. but sometimes I need a flat bronzer. so after some research, I bought oasis, there were no good pics of it, so I was taking my chances. but I found when buying CHANEL im never dissapointed. <br> when oasis came to me, I noticed the pretty wave design stamped in the powder, and a golden/green shimmery sheen on the top. I knew it would come off right away from the look of it, and im so happy it does. because then ur left with a gorgeous milky nude bronzer that suits me so well! im a NC35 in MAC foundations, 128 in MUFE HD and Barcelona in NARS sheer glow. but in the winter when im not tanning I can go down to an NC25, and I need a bronzer that isn't to red, muddy, dark or glittery.<br> and to tell u the truth, the bronzer is one of those products that not every brand has perfected for all skin tones. I think CHANEL does a good job on that. oasis has enough orange, brown and olive mixed together, nothing sticks out more than the other, what ur left with is a very natural JLo glow that we all crave. <br> the packaging is of classy and pretty. black large CHANEL compact with the double C logo on the top on white. when u open the compact, u get a large mirror so u can see ur whole face when applying the bronzer which I love. also CHANEL is known for having the best mirrors because u get the most tru to life color, so ur not clowning up ur face because ur mirror is deceiving. <br> then there's a plastic cover over the powder, and a large flat paddle brush to apply ur bronzer. I have to say tho, that this particular brush is not the best quality like the 4 facettes brush. this one is black, scratchy and does not feel very nice. its okay because I will use my own brush. but I do wish they could have included a softer brush =) <br> this bronzer was LE and you cannot get it anymore, but u can if u do some research like I did and maybe find one online orr on mua to swap for. I truly think its worth it because this bronzer really blows me away! its so soft and finely milled. it feels like velvet to the touch, which is ecpected with CHANEL. <br> If u have any more questions about this bronzer, u can always ask and I will let u know, if u can, try and go to a CHANEL counter by you [if you have never been] and juat feel there powders, blushes and bronzers, they are pretty pricey, but its up to you and your budget what u can afford. for me, quality is priceless and I love having nice makeup around me that does exactly what its suppose to do! <br> thanks for reading xoxo

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12 years ago

Oasis creates a great natural bronze for me. As the previous reviewer mentioned there isn't much shimmer to it, but for me this is good as too much shimmer highlights my oily skin. The shade is a medium bronze, neither too orange nor too brown, and the formula is soft and blends well. I love the driftwood-inspired texture of the powder cake, and the included brush isn't as horrible as flat compact brushes often are (in other words you can actually use it). This may have been discontinued, but if it's still available i will repurchase.

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13 years ago

At first i thought that it's going to be a nice shimmery bronzer I was after (i got it online) but after one use i was disappointed because the shimmery layer came off revealing a matte bronzer. It is a nice bronzer for someone who is after a natural look but I took one lippie off due to confusion. Other lippie was taken due to the slightly orange tinge it gave my skin (but i think it's just my complexion) but otherwise it is a great bronzer with pleasant scent and fine texture

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14 years ago

This is a perfect bronzer for wintertime skin. Gives a subtle glowy and radiant look without being too dark or shimmery. I love it on top of my Chanel Blanc Universelle for a fresh and healthy complexion, when I'm tired of masking my face with foundation. With the slightest tan this won't give anything, but during winter it keps me fresh. I imagine it would be nice for paler complexions too.

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