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2 years ago

In the bottle it looks like a peachy orange, mid-tone. My bottle looks FAR more orange than pink. (I double checked the label.) 1 coat, goes on nicely without streaks. But the color is not flattering on me at all, it makes the tips of my nails a gross yellow that they are not. It's VERY peachy with more yellow on the nails than in the bottle. 2 coats, it goes on so well, but the color just looks awful on me. It's a sherbert-orange color. It's semi-opague with minimal streaks. 3 coats, it does get a bit patchy and streaky at 3 coats. The color is just horrible. I have trouble imagining anyone this would look good on. I'm giving it 3 stars for the formula but 2 for the color (maybe 1).

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SkinSensitive, Fair, Neutral

HairRed, Wavy, Fine


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9 years ago

I love the color, a very white pink looks great on fair skin. My only problem is the consistency. Maybe it's my bottle but it's VERY watery. Too much on the brush causes bleeding everywhere and runs straight over my nail to the skin. 2-3 coats is wonderful. Dries pretty quickly. Maybe I'll repurchase in hopes of a better consistency.

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AgeUnder 18

SkinNormal, Fair-Medium



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11 years ago

I love this color. I have noticed that when I go to the store to buy polish by any brand, two bottles of the same color aren't exactly the same. I found two bottles that were a pretty shell/beigey pink and I love the way this color looks on me. I use a base and top coat and reapply my top coat every other day and this is very durable. Even when it does chip, it's a light enough color that the chip is barely noticeable and I don't have to re-do my manicure because of it. I use two coats and find it to be enough coverage and relatively streak-free.This is a great pale and neutral color and I'm very pleased with the polish overall.

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SkinCombination, Fair, Not Sure

HairRed, Curly, Medium


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13 years ago

Color: pale, shell-pink with a shiny, matte finish. Very natural, even on warm skin. Would probably look even better on cool skin tones. No need for a top coat, but I prefer one to give that extra edge against chipping. <br> Texture: Good for the "French Manicure" polishes. I find the regular polishes (brighter colors) go on more smoothly and with less fuss. However, 2-3 is enough for Angel Pink to go on opaquely, without streaking. <br> Price: At $3.49+tax, something even the ramen-eating student can afford. Looks fantastic paired with the black power suit in preparation for job interviews that will (hopefully) be the method through which ramen-eating and poorness will end. <br> Overall: it's a very basic color, with good quality, but nothing to write home about. Less expensive and better than most d/s polishes. Plus, it lasts for about 2 weeks without chipping. <br>

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SkinOther, Other, Warm

HairOther, Other, Other


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14 years ago

Sheer, cool, very pale pink tone suitable for a French manicure, or a very natural look.

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