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a year ago

This has made a significant difference in my girls' teen skin! We tried Mary Kay, Proactiv and Mario Badescu (their requests) but this is the one that has cleared up their lovely faces! I'm so pleased! They use morning and night. A dime-sized amount is all that is needed because it is quite thick. So while the cost is high, it lasts, plus their self-esteem is worth it!! Packaging is fine--easy to use/no issues. Lasts.

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SkinCombination, Fair, Warm

HairBrunette, Relaxed, Fine


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12 years ago

I have been using this product for over a year, morning and evening, and I think that it is just great. It does not irritate my really very sensitive skin, and I have much fewer breakouts since I am using it. I have to massage my face lightly for a few minutes after applying it to get best results. After using it my skin feels clean, smooth and not dry. I have also never had any sun sensitivity as with other BPO products. I will definitely purchase it again. UPDATE: They have slightly changed the formulation since I first started using it. Now it is much creamier, and some amount of grapefruit essential oil has been added, which makes for a very faint, very pleasant scent. Results are still the same - just great!

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SkinAcne-prone, Fair-Medium



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14 years ago

If you have really oily skin, not dry normal or combination with acne, but Oily ance skin with congested pores (check out the skin type solution book before you decided your sking type) then this product is great. I've been using it for several months and my skin is 1000 times clearer now than it used to be. I highly recommend it.

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14 years ago

No no no. My face is my living hell after using these PCA products. I wouldn't even use this stuff on my butt!!! I am so angry at these products. Red angry inflamed cystic acne that I have not had in years (i'm 32!) This is ridiculous. My pores have never been so congested in all my life! Nothing has ever clogged me up like this before. NEVER. I can squeeze every pore and get goo out. my face is all bumpy and rough. I am out of sick days at work and have to come to work looking like a joke. I have stayed home inside for 3 weekends without makeup on. Just these horrible products thinkin that just using the products and no makeup would make things better. NOPE. Save yourself the depression and the heartache. Do not buy these products!

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