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14 years ago

Davies Gate Cloudcake has become a thorough obsession for me recently. Unfortunate, because I discovered this scent and products about three or four years after it has been discontinued. WHAT A CRAZY THING TO DO! Seriously! I have and adore the Cloudcake eau de toilette, and I also have the Cloudcake Shower Gel. Both are divine! I would so love to have the Cloudcake lotion as well. The Shower Gel smells just like the perfume--- a luscious and delicious melange of cream, figs, plums, and vanilla. Whether just smelling it out of the bottle (I like to do that sometimes since I love the smell so much) or smelling it in the shower, Cloudcake is truly beautiful. It's a warm creamy milky and sweet fruity scent that is great to use any time of year. It's not too foody or sickeningly sweet- it's just perfection. The gel itself is infused with many good-for-your-skin ingredients, and it lathers really well with only a small amount of the product. It also cleans well, without overdrying the skin. My skin feels nice when I leave the shower, and I don't even need lotion after I use it. It's good stuff! The packaging is okay; I would prefer a flip-top cap and a softer bottle so that I could squeeze with ease. :) But I'll take it any way I can get it, being extinct and all. Again, shame on Davies Gate for creating a scent we love and then ripping it out of our lives!! I won't buy their products anymore because I wrote to them asking to bring Cloudcake back and they won't. They're very stubborn, and I love Cloudcake, so they won't get my business until it's back, lol. Grrr Davies Gate, grrr. I have to emphasize that my favorite thing about this product is the fragrance- scrumptiously and uniquely amazing. So glad I still have some of this, which I'll be using sparingly... until the sad day when it will be gone forever. ***sniffle***

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19 years ago

This smells wonderful! Figs and cream make a delightful smelling fragrance that is not overpowering and lathers nicely! My only complaint is that I wish the price was a little cheaper (12.50 per bottle) and that it had a flip-top lid for easier use when showering, but the smell is so luxurious that I continue to buy it! Big thumbs up on this shower gel!

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