Elizabeth Arden Britney Spears - Fantasy

Elizabeth Arden Britney Spears - Fantasy
Fantasy by Britney Spears, EDPFantasy by Britney Spears, EDPBritney Spears - FantasyBritney Spears - FantasyBritney Spears - Fantasy


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Package Quality: 4.0

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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$


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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

Fifty percent sweet, fifty percent tart, Fantasy is balanced by it's soft, warm base notes. Fantasy is unique and I would not compare it to anything else. It isn't like Pink Sugar at all. Additionally, Fantasy does not smell of cupcakes or vanilla. On my skin, I get a lot of juicy fruit, (the kiwi is prominent in the opening), topped with a slight creaminess, (undoubtedly the white chocolate mixed with the amber and orchid). The drydown is very subtle and rather typical of countless other fruity florals and gourmands that I have experienced. All in all, Fantasy is an affordable, well blended, happy scent that may be worn any time of the year by any woman of any age.

I just want to note that I don't understand certain descriptive words in many fragrance reviews. What exactly does "innocent" or "flirty" smell of? I am not mocking, I am just being honest. Also, who is to say that certain perfumes belong to certain age groups? I have read reviews that read: "This is great for the 25 and under crowd" or "This would be suitable for a MATURE woman over 35." Doesn't society already put us, as women, in too many "boxes?" That is fine for filling out the Census form, but not for what fragrance I wear or my personal style. I wonder, does anyone else feel this way? I just had to put this out there. Thanks for reading!

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on 9/21/2005 9:59:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

After three tests on skin and a struggle to overcome the fact that again I like another Britney Spears fragrance, I am caving on a bottle of Fantasy.
Notes include: red lychee, quince, kiwi, cupcake accord (more like frosting to me), jasmine, white chocolate accord, musk, orris root, and sensual woods.

The lychee smells like pears to me, and the top fruits are almost obscured by the upcoming cupcake accord, which gives the foody-sweet cakey smell right away on my skin. It seems to be very vanilla in 'flavor' to me. I am sure that any cupcake accord would include vanilla! This part of the fragrance is girl, sweet, cute, young, but not cloying or overpowering at all. But wait! Could it be that there's something deeper hidden here? Yes, there is! The drydown on this fragrance is a total surprise, devastatingly sexy and totally all-woman, not girly. The drydown stunned me. It became a sensuous, sultry, mysterious, bombshell scent on my skin! Sort of exactly what Britney is, if you think about it. Bravo to Arden and Ann Gottlieb who was the perfumer on this one. And too bad that it could happen that some people will dismiss this as just another celebrity scent and not give it a chance because of Spears. It's worthy, I tell you!

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on 11/20/2005 2:03:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I feel very much the same as the posters did who said they felt a bit embarrassed to admit they actually LOVE this fragrance!! Me too!!! I hated, hated, hated CURIOUS (what a dime store smelling STINK BOMB) So when I smelled FANTASY I was sure that was going to be a near replica of Curious...boy, was I wrong....Fantasy smells DELICIOUS!!! I was in Sephora for quite sometime smelling my arm and pacing back and forth trying to decide if I should dare to grab a bottle and wondering if I could actually work up the nerve to buy a bottle without turning every shade of red in shame & embarassment....lololol...A Sephora associate asked what scent I was trying to decide on and I sheepishly confessed "Fantasy"...almost gagging as the words came out....She admitted she loved it too...then I felt a lot better :-) Now, I have to tell those who might be reading that I am very much a "fruity, sweet, vanilla, foody" kind of person when it comes to scents. My siggy fragrance is PINK SUGAR (so that must give you some idea of what my tastes are) this fragrance is very similar but a little more complex....CUPCAKE is one scent that is noted for me DRAMATICALLY in this fragrance! I also happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE Bath & Body Works VANILLA NOEL...which to me smells like Jello-O instant Vanilla pudding...FANTASY has the same sort of scent to me along with many others...chocolate is also a strong scent in this fragrance. I also love COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUES Vanille Coco, Abricot Vanille and Aloha Tiare (which smells like coconuts with a hint of white floral on me).....Fantasy is a bit of each of these to me.....So need I say more? I simply ADORE THIS FRAGRANCE!!! There I said it!!! The bottle is GAUDY and I will be sure to hide it where no one can see my newest fragrance addiction! I am not a "teeny boper" either..In my 30's....but I don't "get that" anyway...You like a scent you like regardless of your age, right? I cannot force myself to like a scented "bouquet of florals" if that does not appeal to me simply because someone says I am a "mature adult" and that is what I "should like"....Does not make any sense to me! You like what you like and what you don't will STINK regardless of your AGE!!! Hope this helps someone :-)

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on 3/9/2016 11:18:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I am very lucky to own a few Full Bottles Of The Original
**Pre Re-formulated** Fantasy (From before 2009).
and even though i am a male (but a Gay one lol)....
I Am Simply Addicted To The Original And Delicious Formula Of "Fantasy"!

Fantasy was born as a **MASTERPIECE** - a magical love potion.
a masterpiece that was the pioneer in its floral-fruity-gourmand category.
a masterpiece that so many fragrances tried to be.
she is the queen of all fruity-gourmand fragrances
she is the queen of all queens,

Listen, i know this will sound over dramatic to some...
and some will think i should relax and stop being a drama queen,
but in times when i felt sad or sick or when i went through hard times,
this perfume always cheered me up right away.
i would spray this on,and my mood would dramatically change.
suddenly everything would seem happy,pink,yummy and beautiful.
just like white chocolate,exotic fruits and delicious cupcakes would make anyone feel better.

And besides that,
My Boyfriend Loooves It On Me,
Everytime I Have It On, He goes crazy and Just Cannot Take His Hands Off Of Me.
It's Like What Catnip Is to Cats! LOL
He Always Says That When I Put This On, Then All He Wants Is To Jump On Me, Take Me To Bed And Eat Me Up, Hehe.
I Love It When My Strong Handsome King Puts On His Strong Masculine Bad boi Scents And I Put On This Grliy,Sweet,Fruity,Feminine Pretty Boi Scent lol.
This Makes Me Feel So Feminine ....I Love It!

this little gem makes me feel so sexy and yummy it makes me wanna go on romantic dates on a breezy fall evening and french kiss my man.

There Are Two (Materialistic) Things I'm Proud To Have and Own.....

1 - My Stunning,Ultra Rare,Super Luxurious Collection Of Iconic Vintage Gianni Versace Sunglasses (mostley from the 92 -96 collections).

2 - All The Stock of Bottles I Have Of The Original pre re-formulated Fantasy Perfume.

because from the moment i knew that this perfume has been re-formulated,
i went on a hunt to search for a store here in my country that still had the old formula.

i was full of hope because i knew that it was being importaed here so there must be a store that still had some old stock of the old formula.

i looked in Every fancy dipartment store here but no one had the old formula!

i almost sadly gave up....
until one day i came across this OLD perfume store with this cute little old lady she had the old formula!!! i felt i won the jackpot! lol

she said she had bought some of them a few years prior to that and that nobody bought it because most of her clients were old ladies that dont use these kind of sweet fruity perfumes.

she was soooo over the moon happy that she found a buyer to those "cheap" perfumes she had been stuck with....
that she told me if i buy all of the stock she had,
then she would sell me a 3.3oz bottle for 20$ a piece!
and knowing that i will not let this Treasure get away from me....
i bought Every Single Bottle she had in stock (11 in fact!) Lol.

and now i understand what a Bargain it was cuz today i would have HAPPILY paid so much More if i had been stuck without the old formula.
(im such a pre re-formulated fantasy SL*T...ugh,it's pathetic lol).

plus....men (as i found) go C-r-a-z-y for this fragrance.
it just really motivates them or something.
they respond really strongly to it (at least the kind of bad boiz i normally go for lol).

and if you would have told me a few years ago that i would be so much in love with such an overly-syinthetic cheap celebrity perfume,
i would never have belived it!.....but i am!

Guys, you really need to undersatnd....i have perfumes ranging anywhere from 300 dollars (Ramon molvizar and creed) , to 800 dollars (joy) and all the way to about 2000 dollars (Clive Christian and cijar),
and to say the truth (even though Shocking to addmit it),but if i HAD to choose only ONE fragrance to take to a deserted island, then it would be this perfume!

if i had to give-up all my perfumes and choose only one perfume to use for the rest of my life.....it would be Fantasy.
it is my FAVORITE fragrance that i own.

and thats why i dont care anymore what others think!
i simply dont care anymore if my snobby up-tight know it all "high-end" perfume loving friends say that its "cheap" or "childish" or "un-complexed" or WHATEVER!
I Love It! ....... And that is the **Only** thing that counts!

it is the only fragrance that everytime i spray it on me...i have this HUGE smile on my face hahaha, i just cant help it! :)

yes the bottle looks tacky and a bit cheap,
and yes its weird for me to say that what i have on is a "britney spears" perfume...but it just smeels sooo damn good.

to me...the old formula is 10X superior to the new re-formulated version.
the new formulation has soooo much more of the musky and tart kiwi tones to it.
the kiwi notes (in the old formula) steps aside alot more in order to give room to the super creamy white choloate-cupcake bliss.

i think the re-formulated version is no where near as amazing as the old formula is.

i mean the new formula is not "disgusting" or anything...
but i just like the old formula a Hell lot more.

and this perfume lasts and lasts and lasts....it has amazing longevity.
i can actually take a shower and still smell traces of it on my skin..
this perfume is so Magical,
what i love about fantasy is that even though it is very sweet, it also has airy fresh tones to it and i can use it on a hot summer day as well as on a cold winter morning.
every time i put it on...it makes me feel so happy :-)

i urge every gourmand scent lover to try this (old or new formula),
you WILL Fall in love .

Enjoy :-)

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I was drawn to this fragrance because I love bakery smell fragrances. I did th whole Tutti Dolci, JaQua yummy product thing. I got so tired of all the heavy perfumes of the 80's and 90's. If I had to smell that Giorgio of Beverly Hills... My perfume table was filled with heavy scents for so long, it made me long for Loves' Baby Soft. The yummy scent trend was too fun!

The reviews of this fragrance said it's made for the young girl 14-24, but I disagree. It smells wonderful on me and I get more compliments than anything else I wear. I'm 41 BTW (which is NOT OLD!!!)

I think it's super fun fragrance and it does last. I use the body cream also.
It's fruity, cupcakey and leaves a very warm undertone that lingers when you leave a room.

Is it one I'm wearing for a romantic dinner with my sweetie? Nah, probably something sexy from VS. But.. I wear this one for me. It feels like me.

My nieces wear it and my grandma does, because she's 97 and still fun too.

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Tan, Warm

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

I'm not a product snob in any field. Who made the wine doesn't matter if it tastes good. What the singer looks like doesn't matter if she can sing. The label on the dress doesn't matter if it's cheaply made and doesn't flatter your shape. And so on.
So I have MANY perfumes, well over a hundred, and they vary from juices that cost two or three hundred dollars a bottle to juices that I paid less than ten for. I'll try anything once, and if I like the way it smells then I care not one whit whose name is or isn't on the bottle. I also run the gamut of perfumes. There are aquatics, orientalist, white florals, gourmands, etc in my stash.
I must have some rare body chemistry where many things smell pleasant on me, but for most of my life ALL perfume gave me killer headaches and stuffy face. For this reason I do admit to having less love overall for florals as they were always the worst offenders.
Fantasy was one of the only scents I could wear without major issue, and I'm grateful to it for that. This and TM Angel are the reigning empresses of the gourmand field. If you hate perfumes that smell like candy or cake, well don't buy this. No need to knock it for being what it is. But if that's what you're looking for, go buy this right now.
Also, though attracting men is by no means the only or even A reason to buy perfume...IF that's your goal, I have yet to meet the man who doesn't like this scent. It's well known by now that men are attracted to food smells over floral smells, the simple beasts. ;) Mine certainly digs it, luckily for him, cause I'd still wear it if he didn't.
This scent can be had very cheaply, at less than ten dollars for the half-ounce size. Try it out if you like cookies or cake or candyish smells.
Don't go hog wild. It's got good lasting power and decent projection. You may not smell it anymore but others do. It smells good on clothing too, and changes less. On skin you will get more of a progression from fruit to cupcake to a near-smokiness (good smoky, not ashtray smoky).
On another note I see tons of people claiming this has been reformulated. False in my opinion. I own an original bottle ( back when the band around the nozzle had rhinestones it too) and several 'new formula' bottles. They smell the same to me. (Which also goes to show that if you will STORE your juice properly, some scents can last forever and not 'turn'. That bottle is what, ten or eleven years old? Thanks, Britney, for the lovely scent, and I'll keep buying it as long as EA makes it. Yummy!!

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on 12/17/2013 9:04:00 AM

Age: Unknown

Skin: Normal, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I'm wearing Fantasy EDP now and really enjoying it, even though I'm wayyy older than its targeted market. It's a soft, sweet, cheerful, vanilla-fruit perfume, for the most part. It reminds me of a fruit smoothie, but one mostly containing vanilla. Like 3 parts rich vanilla ice cream to 1 part fruit. It's sweet, but the creaminess and richness of the vanilla component keeps it from being sugary.

The most noteworthy quality of Fantasy -- for me -- is how seamlessly smooth it is. It's so rich and silky smooth -- like pouring heavy cream from a pitcher. The notes in Fantasy are completely homogenized into a unified whole like few other perfumes I've ever smelled.

Here are the notes, per parfumo.net:

Top Notes: Kiwi, Lychee, Quince
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Orchid, White chocolate, Cupcake
Base Notes: Woods, Orris root, Musk

There is a "white chocolate" heart note listed, and really, that note stands out the most, to my nose. It's as creamy smooth, rich, and vanillic as white chocolate -- and the other notes are smoothly incorporated -- but to me, the primary scent is that of white chocolate. I really don't smell florals or woods -- or even the fruits too terribly much.

The scent is full-bodied, rich, firmly anchored, and it lasts very well. It's sweet & fruity, but it's mostly a delicious smooth creamy white chocolate-y vanilla scent, to my nose. I like it.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Warm

Hair: Red, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

Okay, I have a secret. I really enjoy wearing this perfume.

The descriptions make me want to vomit, the bottle is like tackiness embodied in a physical form, and Britney Spears drives me nuts (in a bad way). When this first came out, everyone at my high school was wearing it, so I couldn't stand it. I think the problem was over-application. (What teenager really understands how to apply perfume at that age?) Fast forward another... oh... almost six years and Fantasy is usually dirt cheap, and now I'm the only one I know who owns a bottle.

On me, it's sweet, but not to the point of being nauseating. The musk- which I like- tempers the cupcake scent nicely. After an hour or so, I start to get a woody chocolate rather than vanilla vibe. Frankly, let me put it into perspective: if I had the choice between wearing Juicy Couture (the first one), Miss Dior Cherrie, Pink Sugar or Fantasy, I would definitely pick Fantasy. I like gourmands immensely, but most of them lack subtlety. Fantasy, when worn sparingly, is beautiful and comforting. It lasts a while too, which really makes it worth the money. I hate using the phrase guilty pleasure, but since I've been introduced the the wide world of niche perfumes, Fantasy is just that! Enjoyable and cheaply priced (without smelling cheap).

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on 5/11/2009 10:05:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Kinky, Fine

Eyes: Green

EDIT 2018: As others have mentioned, the original pink bottle from 2005 seems to have been reformulated. After some research, I discovered that the original formula has been re-bottled in 2014 a yellow bottle/pink lid as "Fantasy Stage Edition". Of course I went out and bought it and I am very happy with it. Worth a try for ladies who are disappointed with the current version of the pink bottle.
I am also a "mature" lady of 40 plus who likes this fragrance. I don't think you should restrict yourself just because you are not in a certain age group. When I was a teenager I used to wear Christian Dior Poison (dark purple bottle), which was probably considered a mature fragrance, but I loved it, so I wore it. Perhaps I'm doing things in reverse....LOL.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Oily, Olive, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

I don't really mind that this is a Britney fragrance~ it's not like I have to carry the bottle around with me. Likewise with the ugly, cheap playskool looking bottle... it just doesn't matter all that much when I'm out in public wearing this fragrance. On me, it starts out a bit sharp and overly fruity~ standard for it's tween demographic. Then there's the promised cupcake smell, which I love! It's a bit like Betty Crocker white cake batter~ yummmmm. Then, fortunately, as I'm not a bakery, it grows up into a soft oriental on my skin, and lasts really well. I am still getting a hint of it after 12 hours.

I caught DH spraying this on one of our throw blankets before he used it to lax out on the sofa~ sniffing it constantly. That alone was worth the dirt cheap price I paid for it! Of course, he denies liking anything Britney-related, but I know the truth!!

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