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14 years ago

This is a nice perfume. It smells more like traditional, department store perfume than most perfume oils I've tried. That's neither good nor bad- I like many traditional perfumes. In this scent I can definitely smell grapefruit, along with a traditional, floral perfume blend. The grapefruit evaporates fairly quickly, leaving a well-blended floral. I can't tell what any of the other individual notes are. This is pretty and traditional, and I like it.

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15 years ago

In The Bottle: A very cool toned citrus floral with a hint of wood. First on:The floral end stands out a bit more on my skin than the citrus. A very fresh cool breeze feeling to this. Certain aspects of it reminds me of The Body Shop's Snow home oil. After a few seconds: The grapefruit has become more noticable. This scent remains cool and fresh but holds a soft quality to it. After a few minutes: This scent is staying pretty much the same on me. A cool watery floral with equal notes of crisp citrus and warm wood. I really like the balance here. After an hour: It now is a bit warmer on me, with a slight hint of white musk it would seem. I absolutely adore this scent. It reminds me of winter's first snow fall. Innocent, pure, clean, invigorating and holds memories of comfort snuggled under a warm blanket with a good book. If anyone has any of this they want to get rid of, please contact me and we can make arrangements.

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