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10 years ago

I went to the shop to try "second hand silk" and it was sold out, so I couldn't go home empty-handed :). I saw this shade and had to try it. It is my first China Glaze polish. Although I'm not a fan of the formula, because it streaks like hell, I do love the colour. It's fun and peaceful; something else than just pink or red. By the way, the picture is not showing the real colour. I would use it all the time, but just the thought that it takes 3 hours to put it on and another 3 to dry, keeps me at bay. However, whenever I have a day off,this is my first thing to do. Oh, and once applied it just sits on forever. Even after 6 days there is no chipping. On this side, it is better than OPI, but OPI stays my "ready-to-go" polish.

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SkinSensitive, Fair-Medium, Cool

HairBlond, Straight, Fine


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12 years ago

This looked horrid on me. Which dissapointed me since I love greens and had never disliked a green polish. To be perfectly blunt, this looked like snot on me. Like actual boogers. Very yucky. I think I actually said "oh gross" out loud after I painted the first coat. 4 coats later, the polish was still not completely opaque, and while the color improved slightly, it still looked bad on me. I guess I wanted this to be a little more minty-green. It had a greyness to it and looked blah. This would probably be better for someone with a tan or darker skin tone.

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SkinCombination, Fair



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14 years ago

Beautiful mint green creme. It's the kind of 50's retro shade I'd put in my kitchen - You know, one of those subdued pastels that make everything feel so retro chic. With three coats you will have that 50's mint green...reminiscent of KitchenAid's Pistachio mixer. One coat will make for a very interesting take on the ordinary sheer beige (it's not quite green enough to seem out of place, it's very subtle and fresh). I prefer to wear three coats of Groovy Green with a final coat of Paris Couture for Sure to create the most perfect holographic mint green ever. You have to be meticulous with the application of this one to avoid streaks if you choose to wear it alone. I find two thin coats and one final thick coat will result in streak-free, opaque color. I love this polish :)

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SkinNormal, Medium, Warm

HairBrown, Wavy, Medium


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15 years ago

This is a pale, creamy, almost celery green. I really like it for spring & summer. A little more of a different, yet fresh color. It looks so cool with a tan too (either real or fake)! With just 2 thin coats it's more semi-sheer. But with either 3 thin coats or 2 thicker ones it's opaque, which gives it a bolder look, & that's how I prefer it. Even with thicker coats it dries quickly to a hard finish & no problems with streaking.

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SkinCombination, Fair, Warm

HairRed, Wavy, Medium