Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) 30% Glycolic Acid Home Chemical Peel Kit

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Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC)  30% Glycolic Acid Home Chemical Peel Kit


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Package Quality: 2.0

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Package Quality: 2.0

Price: $$


Peeling Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Deionized Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. pH Prep Solution Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, FD&C Blue #1 8/16/11

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I've been using MUAC peels for 17 months now and I will never be without them. This is a review for the MUAC peels I have tried, and I've put the review here because I am currently using the 30% glycolic. I had a *horrible* bout of acne a few years ago (read my review on Epiduo if you want to know the gory details) and undoubtedly, these at-home chemical peels helped me recover and get even better skin than before. I'm in my 30's and my skin is better than it was in my 20's- smoother, more even toned, less congested, fewer hormonal cysts during ovulation and PMS. I don't think my skin has improved at all in elasticity, but that's aging for you and superficial peels cannot touch skin structural issues. I've found the peels great at targeting pigmentation, surface textural issues and acne without the risk of serious side effects. So many benefits at a very low cost and time commitment, which is why I will never be without these peels again.

I started slowly with a sample size of the 25% Mandelic. I did a peel every week (sometimes every two weeks) and the bottle lasted months. My acne started resolving and I got brighter skin in general. I was amazed when the Mandelic peel seemed to stop active acne in its tracks-- it's like the bumps would retreat!! Then, I moved on to the sample size of the 40% Lactic Acid, which went to work on genetic hyperpigmentation (asian freckles, like Lucy Liu) and sunspots I've had since my 20's. This sample lasted for months with weekly use. At one point, I realized that both brown and reddish colored marks on my face had faded drastically. I'm not entirely sure why because it is intermediate between mandelic and glycolic in terms of how well it penetrates the skin, but the only peel that has given me tiny abrasions/chemical burns post-peel has been the Lactic.

After I finished the Lactic acid sample, I moved onto the 30% Glycolic acid. By this time, after a year of the peels, I no longer need to wear foundation because the scars from my bout of acne have completely faded (I mostly had PIH) and my skin is even toned. I have noticed that the tiny capillaries around my nose have either gotten slightly worse or perhaps the rest of my skin has gotten so even that my reddish caps are more prominent in contrast! The coarseness of texture/enlarged pores under my eyes and next to my nose from aging also looks much better. When I got about a month and half into my glycolic acid peel regime (about three months before today), I stopped getting the hormonal PMS cyst (or two) on my chin that I was still getting with the lactic. If you have icepick acne scarring, I'd definitely work up to and try the glycolic acid-- I had one such pitted scar on my cheek, from a pimple I got years back. While the mandelic or lactic never improved it, the glycolic has made it shallower and markedly less noticeable! Amazing!

To echo what others have said, it's true that lactic acid is better for hyperpigmentation issues and glycolic is better for treating/preventing acne. The glycolic seems to be the only one that improves more severe scarring and it's been the best at keeping my most congested pores clean, however... be careful with this one-- even though I'd been using peels for a good year before I started it, I could only tolerate leaving it on for 30 seconds at first. It felt like the tingling you get after you snap a rubber band onto your skin. After about two 30-second peels, my skin got acclimated and now I can leave it on for 7-10 minutes. Let me tell you, the day after my first 7 minute glycolic peel, the stubborn pores on my nose were completely cleared of their dark colored gunk.

Try these peels! Follow the directions to a T, stop retinoids 48 hours before each peel, wait 24 hours to resume retinoids, start at the lowest %, least penetrative acid, and you might just end up with the best skin of your life!

PS try using Cerave PM after the peels-- I wake up with baby-butt-face: so supple and plump, not a flake in sight. ;)

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on 10/20/2012 12:19:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Olive, Cool

Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Helps smooth out skin but didn't help with hyperpigmentation. My skin tolerated the 30% very well so I would do this every 5 days and leave it on for 10-12 mins. I finished the bottle but wasn't satisfied with the results. Now moving on to the 50%

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I have been using various strengths of this for a few months now. Unfortunately, I tend to break out the day after application, but I think the overall results are well worth it. I am sold.

Just make sure you apply evenly and steadily. You can easily burn yourself!

on 6/27/2004 8:26:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I bought this product in 2002 to work on some uneven skintone and scarring I had from a bout of cystic acne. Over the past two years I have used this relatively regularly, anywhere from four times a month in winter to once a month in summer. This peel is gentle but very effective at cleaning pores, smoothing skintone, minimizing lines, and giving your skin an increased brightness and clarity. It also worked on smoothing my acne scars, but it was gradual-- if you are looking for something immediate, you should use a deeper peel. This peel is wonderful for preventing and exfoliating clogged pores and ashy/lined skin. The best part is that two years into using the same bottle, I am only an eighth of the way through it!

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on 11/15/2001 10:14:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Normal, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I really love this peel, it's pretty gentle on the face and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I use it once a week, not sure if it's doing anything since any results wouldn't be quite as dramatic (or painful) as a true skin peel. But I like it a lot and will continue to use it. One thing I'll say, you don't need a lot of this on your face, so it really will last at least 30 times. I've used it for about 7 weeks, and have only gone through about 10% of the product (I bought the large bottle); since I normally have a very heavy hand, this should last a good long time. There isn't a lot of stinging, and there's a "neutralizer" to use beforehand that does cut down on any irritation. However, the neutralizer has a strong smell of menthol/camphor, so if that's not for you, skip the peel. This is expensive, so if you don't think you'll continue, get the trial size first.

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