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13 years ago

I use the Coppertone Gradual Tan lotion on my body and the last time I purchased it it came with a free trial size tube of the "Faces" version. Upon comparing the ingredients in both, there is no difference that I found. They look to be identical. I was very nervous about trying this as my skin tends to be very prone to breakouts and irritation. I applied it at night, on my clean face and then went to bed. It only took about 5 minutes to absorb which was nice because I wasn't worried about it staining my pillowcase. When I woke up the next morning and headed into the bathroom I was expecting either A) No color change at all B) Orange and streaky or C) A faceful of zits that popped up overnight. What I got was a beautiful tan shade that evened out my skintone enough overnight that I barely had to wear any makeup the next day! I now use this every night as my moisturizer. The color doesn't really build on the face as dark as it does on the body, but thats actually better for me. And NO breakouts, which is a complete and total shock for me! My skin has looked better in the past two weeks that I've been using this than it has in over a year, after I've spent hundreds of dollars on makeup/skincare! Awesome stuff!

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14 years ago

So far this has worked really nice on my PPP skin. It is gradual, so it doesn't look fake or streaky (except a bit on my neck, but I think it is just due to skin type.) It dries pretty quick and hasn't stained anything yet. I haven't broke out either, which is amazing! I had recently boought the Oil of Olay Touch of sun tanner and it gave great color, but sat on top of my skin forever and actually made me sweat because it wouldn't soak in at all. Not to mention it was over $11.00. Anyway, I will definitely buy the Coppertone again!

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15 years ago

This stuff is gross. It gave my otherwise clear skin blackheads. I switched from Jergens Natural Glow to this(on my face) becasue the Jergens has mineral oil. But forget it, I'm going back to Jergens which didn't break me out even with the oil.

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16 years ago

It was soooo orange when I used this. It made me break out. The color hardly showed up. What little color there was flaked. I had to use five hundred pounds of makeup to cover it. I ended up scrubbing my face to death to get it off... ugh...

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