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16 years ago

Oh WOW. Now, I have extremely extremely hard water, and LUSH bubble bars are the only thing that will allow me to have something even remotely resembling the movie-star bath of my fantasies, which I why I'm addicted to them. They've never actually come that far however -- the blanket-of-bubbles effect never lasts for more than 20 minutes, and its not ultra thick even when it is in effect. The Bottle of Lurve though -- I had ULTRA thick bubbles that lasted me well over an hour! I could literaly pick up these bubbles with my hand, toss them about and play with them and they would still remain intact. It was supermoisturizing, and though I didn't like the scent (nice, but too much neroli maybe for me) it was the best bath I've taken in YEARS. The little candy hearts floating in the water were also a cute touch. A five lipstick product if I've ever seen one! EDIT: I have discovered basically if you take *any* bubble bar, hard or soft, put it in a strainer without crumbling it and let the water pour through, you get this effect. Try it!

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16 years ago

Wow, I love this product! It is really a cross between a bubble bath and a bath bomb. It fizzes like the bath bomb but creates lots of fluffy bubble. The scent is just heavenly -- a warm vanilla-citrus, yummy yet light, not overly foody. Bottle of Lurve is reminiscent of butterball in that it has bits of soy moisturizer in it that melt in the bath and soften your skin like crazy. The bottle shape is also much bigger than most bombs and bubble bars, so you could easily divide it to get two uses. If you love LUSH bombs, try this one!

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