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15 years ago

<b>COLOR: <i>Raspberrry Whisper</i></b> <p>Well, how surprised I was to find a Blush colour that is actually what I've been looking for... As the other poster stated, it is a <b>true</b> Raspberrry colour-- no hint of brown where you end up with a <b>muddy</b> shade, *ugh*, or lavendar where you end up with <b>mauve</b>... <p>It is a <b>vibrant</b> rose pink, {more on the deep-pink side}, just as you'd expect a <b>Raspberry</b> colour to be, but it goes on so sheer that, yes, it can be built upon for additional coverage/colour... I also found that it went on rather effortlessly and evenly... no <b>splotchiness</b>... but use your good Blush brush to achieve this, {as with all inexpensive Blushes, the brushes they provide are just horrid}... The Blush does have a slight sheen to it, and agree that it is more on the silvery side of sheen-world than, say, a golden tone... <p>I was especially pleased because, along with this Blush, I purchased the CoverGirl Outlast Lipcolour in <b>Berry Preserve</b> {see review on that} and, to my astonishment, {when I got home and applied them}, the two so compliment each other that I'm just Tickled Pink... I mean, Raspberry, *lol*... They just look lovely together, as tho they were made for each other, *s* <p>If you've been on the never-ending search for a Blush that is vibrant and true to the <b>Raspberry</b> tone, then this would be a good one to give a try... All the other pinks I have tried are either too pale, too cotton-candy, too mauvey, too ruddy, or too much a shade that just doesn't capture that <b>Raspberry goodness</b>, *lol*... This one has turned out just PERFECT for me, *vbs*... I will most definitely purchase this again... along with the <b>Berry Preserve</b> Outlast Lipcolour by CoverGirl, *vbs*... FaireMaiden <p>p.s. I paid $5.49 plus tax for it... It comes in a little rectangular compact, {no mirror}, and is .22 oz, or 6.3 grams...

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16 years ago

i really like this blush, its fairly silky for a drugstore blush but neutrogenas are definitely silkier. i really like this color its like a very natural flush for medium skintones it may be too bright for pale people. its like a "jus in from the cold" flush and it has very subtle shimmer. it has okay pigment but its easy to over apply so use a light hand with this. the brush they include is crap tho so jus throw that out. i wish they packaged all blushes in circular tins!!! grrr y are they in stupid little rectangles??

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