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on 1/5/2015 8:16:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Olive, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Timeless is a fragrance for fans of historic vintage scent. My bottle of timeless is an older version of a dab fragrance, not the newer spray depicted above. I dislike spray application intensely as it releases too much fragrance and amplifies the powdery aspects (IMO). I don't recommend this fragrance if you spray it; it will amplify the brash, in your face, powdery qualities.

Agree with the reviews of SorceressOfTheDark and ColorfulMe below. Timeless opens in a straightforward way that comes across as a classic abstract aldehydic floral with an oriental dry down. I don't think it's like chanel 5 vintage (which I am not a fan of because of the high concentration of civet in chanel). But, neither timeless nor chanel smell like a specific flower or realistic floral blend in contrast to the more modern realistic classic aldehydic florals like EL Beautiful or Amouage Dia.

Within a few minutes, Timeless morphs into a sweet, almost oriental with a powder finish. I believe ColorfulMe described Timeless as a Balsamic oriental chypre. I have been focusing so much on green chypre, that I forgot about balsamic category. It's warmer, more oriental, and less funky than vintage Miss Dior (black and white houndstooth bottle of EdC). And, to me less oriental amber than Shalimar, but more opoponax powder. Perhaps it's analog could be LHB which I find more throat scratchingly powder than Timeless. ( Timeless does lack the anise note of LHB). Another analog could be a Caron vintage Nuit de Noel, but I think Avon's To a Wild Rose (mainly wood with a rose undertone and a bit darker) is a bit closer to NdN. I don't think of Timeless as predominantly a chypre (whereas I think of vintage Miss Dior as definitely a chypre), but perhaps that is a subjective matter where chypre and oriental might intersect.

Timeless is not a fragrance that gives the impression of darkness or complexity (what others might call murkiness) , but rather than saying it's simple in composition (it's classic composition isn't actually all that simple), one could regard it as well blended with a clear point of view. Avon Occur could be it's funkier, animalic cousin.

I recommend buying older versions of avon, readily available on line. If possible, try to purchase full bottles that have been stored in their boxes for a possible safeguard against light deterioration. Sadly, many avon bottles were displayed in light for their kitschy, quirky charm, without regard to the preservation of content. The color of vintage Timeless should not be darkened but rather a pale to medium toned gold. I also don't liketo purchase vintage atomizer bottles (I have had bad luck with the purchase of a few vintage atomizer dior EdCs that were turned to acetone harshness but not dab or splash). If your bottle is fusty, musty, dark colored or smells rancid, then it probably was stored in light or heat. Since vintage avon is so inexpensive and readily available. I am reluctant to demote stars for this possibility.

For those who denigrate Avon as a cheap budget house or think that vintage Avon scents are 'old lady,' I would observe that vintage Avon fragrance contains more quality ingredients than many modern niche brands today, without IFRA or EU regulations or the high costs of advertising budgets. I would also observe that many of the super high priced modern perfume houses, ie, Roja Dove (Nuwa and Fetish), seem similar in reference points to mid century fragrances such as EL Aliage, Azuree and others.

By the way, I am NOT a fan of modern avon fragrance (I loath and abhor Avon extraordinary, a release from 2005 that mixes chocolate, champagne and another foody note with throat scratching, parching, sneeze worthy powder finish) so if you are a fan, our tastes may diverge.

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