Olaplex's Hair Repair Trial Kit includes your favorite hair restoring products in one limited edition set. With formulas to strengthen, hydrate, protect and smooth, your hair will be flowing beautifully with improved shine and manageability. Olaplex Hair Repair Trial Kit includes: No. 3 Hair Perfector (1 fl. oz.): A pre-shampoo treatment that strengthens hair and reduces breakage. No. 4 Bond MaintenanceTM Shampoo (1 fl. oz.): A reparative shampoo that hydrates and protects hair against damage. No. 5 Bond MaintenanceTM Conditioner (1 fl. oz.): A reparative conditioner that strengthens and hydrates damaged, frizzy hair. No. 6 Bond Smoother (1 fl. oz.): A leave-in styling cream that hydrates, smooths frizz, and strengthens hair. Key Benefits: Corrects damaged and compromised hair (No. 3 Hair Perfector) Alleviates and protects hair while gently cleansing (No. 4 Bond MaintenanceTM Shampoo) Hydrates and renews damaged hair (No. 5 Bond MaintenanceTM Conditioner) Improves luster, shine and manageability (No. 6 Bond Smoother)



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