Prime Haircare System from Aquis is a hair care kit that includes a combination of powerful formulas that leave your hair looking fresh and healthy. This system strengthens hair, balances its natural pH, adds shine and leaves tresses soft and smooth without the frizz. Aquis Prime Haircare System includes: Prime Water Defense Pre-Wash (3.4 oz.): a lightweight spray that shields and moisturizes hair before washing. Prime Rebalancing Hair Wash (2 oz.): a hair shampoo that gently cleanses all hair types. Prime Restorative Leave-In Conditioner (2 oz.): a lightweight leave-in conditioner that restores all hair types. Rapid Dry Hair Turban (1 piece): a fast-absorbing hair turban to gently and quickly dry hair. Key Ingredients: Keratin and Cysteine Amino Acids: boost shine and improve texture and elasticity Avocado Oil: moisturizes and strengthens to help prevent breakage Botanical Extracts: boost smoothness, minimize frizz and detangle hair Key Benefits: Fortifies hair strands Minimizes time spent in the shower Cuts drying time in half



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