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"The HERO's microfiber material is soft and plush, making it extremely absorbent and much gentler on your locks. The towel reduces breakage, damage, and frizz while your hair is in its most vulnerable state. It is generously sized for all hair lengths and equipped with a snag-free, grippy strap to ensure your towel will stay tucked in place. It dries hair in half the time so that you can go enjoy the rest of your day. Our beautiful packaging make this towel a perfect present! Key Features / Benefits Engineered to be the softest, gentlest, most absorbent fiber of any hair towel ever made. Reduces damage, breakage, and frizz. Generous sizing; longer and wider than the average hair towel. Suitable for any hair length and still lightweight. Decreases dry time by 50% by removing more water than other towels. Results Capable of absorbing up to ten times its own weight in water. Decreases dry time by 50%. Gently wrap your wet hair in the VOLO HERO, twist the towel while ensuring all of your hair is inside, and tuck the end inside the grippy strap behind your head. The towel will stay put for as long as needed, allowing you to carry out the rest of your routine. When you need to remove, gently pull the end of the towel out from the strap, untwist, and reveal beautifully undamaged hair. Hair will be fully dry or partially dry depending on how long the HERO is left on."

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