To celebrate the end of year festivities, diptyque and artist Ugo Gattoni have created three 70g scented candles in an illustrated gift box. The perfect opportunity to discover the 3 limited edition creations of the season: - Moonlit Fir Scented Candle 70g, featuring aromatic woody notes - Floral Majesty Scented Candle 70g, featuring notes of a spicy rose - Amber Feather Scented Candle 70g, featuring a spicy, soft and warm amber accord 3x70g


Paraffin Slack wax (petroleum), hydrotreated Perfume Fatty acids, C16-18 Paraffinum liquidum Cera microcristallina Foots oil (petroleum), hydrotreated lsopropyl myristate Glycerides, C16-18 and C18-unsatd.



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