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14 years ago

This color is an olive drab green but it's full of light. First, it's very sheer and barely becomes opaque after 2 coats. Very shimmery and the shimmer is gold/bronze. The vehicle is however pure green. Very similar to OPI Greenwich Green which I also reviewed. Actually when I got Cat's Eye in a transdesign order my first thought was, I have to get rid of this color as it's too much like Greenwich Green. However, I now see there is a subtle difference so I'm keeping both. The difference is that there's simply more light in this shade. The OPI is more metallic and gives off less light, and it has more coverage. Yet this tone is warmer and a bit more zingy on my hands. I haven't used it on my toes yet. So I would get this green if you are comfortable with green but you feel the gold in this would match your eyes or skin. As a pale olive myself, I found this to be a great match, thus it gets 5 lipsticks. I am neutral but on the warm side of the spectrum. Look at my pictures if you want to see an ok photo of Cat's Eye and Greenwich Green.

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16 years ago

This color is so cool. it reminds me of what jane Magical mushroom would look like if it were a nail polish. It is a very neat looking green with lots of brown undertones and nice and shiny. So unusual and pretty. The packaging is really nice. This is going to be a staple for me this fall.

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17 years ago

For some odd reason, this is my favorite nail polish color. It's a bronze with a bit of green in it. Matches my eyes. Stays on great!

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