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3 months ago

I've been using this for over a year now, so I can vouch for it! I struggled to find a good sustainable yet effective deodorant for years. I tried the crystal, the Lush bar deodorants, some from Etsy (yes, I was that desperate) but all were a bit "meh" at best and just plain useless (or even painful!) at worst. I saw this on facebook when the brand was just starting up and figured eh, why the hell not. I gotta say, I didn't like it at first. It didn't do much for me, so I threw the contents of the tube down the drain (*cringe*). I returned to my Smith's deodorant for a while, but the baking soda gave me a rash, so I tried this again a few months later. I'm so glad I did!! So, what did I do wrong the first time around? Simply: there were still "sweat" bacteria stuck in my clothing, even after washing. This reacted with the deodorant and made me smell. This is an easy fix though: soap your clothes in vinegar overnight, pop them in the washer, and they're as fresh as ever! (And no, they won't smell of vinegar!) It works wonders for me. NO smell whatsoever! I use the recommended pea-sized amount and only have to apply every 5 days, so my tube lasted me for well over 6 months (or even better: I bought my current tube in May, and here we are in January, still not done). In those 5 days, I can exercise, shower and swim without having to reapply. I don't wash my pits with soap in those 5 days, though, just with water, since I don't want to risk removing the deodorant (I don't know if you have to avoid soap, I just do it because I'm paranoid, haha! It doesn't leave me smelly or gross feeling if I skip soap, though). When it's time for a new layer, I wash my pits well with soap and put some product on, and I'm ready for another week! It's a relief not having to think about applying deodorant every day. I no longer have to experience the moment of horror when you arrived at work and realized you didn't apply deodorant, lol. Fun fact: I forgot to bring it with me on vacation one time. When I started to smell, I realized I completely forgot what my sweat smelled like, since it's been so long! Nuud, never stop making this, please. PROS: - Super effective, I don't have to worry anymore - Feels like nothing when applied, not sticky or heavy - Leaves the skin feeling moisturized and not irritated - Doesn't leave stains on clothing - Has no scent - No controversial ingredients that some people would like to avoid, like aluminum, alcohol or parabens - Contains no baking soda, so it doesn't give me a rash - I only have to reapply every 5 days (though it's different for everyone) - The tube is lightweight and small, so it's easy to travel with - The tube lasts me forever, long after their estimate (for me at least) - The shipping is CO2 neutral - Zero waste: the tube is completely compostable since it's made out of sugarcane - Vegan - Cruelty free CONS: - You will still sweat, it just removes the smell - If you switch from an anti-perspirant (which stops sweating): you will go through a detoxifying stage where you sweat more the first 10 days, but you go back to normal after that - Not super cheap (though it lasts you a long time, so if you look at the cost per month, it's no worse than a regular deodorant) - Your clothes need to be rid of sweat bacteria in order for this to work (but I recommend you do that anyway) - You may have to avoid using soap on your pits while wearing it (again, not sure if this is true, but I personally do it and it doesn't give me problems. Try it for yourself!)

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