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2 months ago

The quality of this line seems to vary with the shade, I hated the goopy white one in 04, but love the nude pink one in 05. First off, this says gel, it's regular polish though, no lamp needed. The shade 05 does have an almost gel-like finish though, and amazing lasting power. It's a very flattering semi-opaque nude shade. The brush and formula are great. It may appear a little thin, and it can look streaky when wet. Don't try fixing it though, it levels out on its own and is not streaky when dry. It dries fast, I never had sheet prints on it and I touch stuff carefully minutes after applying with no problem. It doesn't have a strong smell. If I'm a little careful when handling things, I can go a week with no chipping and minimal wear at the tips, as long as I'm not at work, using my hands all the time, but no polish lasts there. That's groundbreaking for me, I've only had that wear time with like five polishes. I usually do two coats because I like that it's not fully opaque that way, you can still see the outline of the free edge. It looks healthy, demure but very elegant. With one coat only, it could almost pass as exceptionally nice clear polish with just a color correcting effect on the nail bed. I use Rimmel's nail nurse as base and top coat and that works great for me, but if you use something intended to prolong wear time, you'd probably get zero chipping until whenever the regrowth shows up. It's very hard to paint over the nail fold and side walls with this formula and brush, and if you do it hardly shows because the shade is so unassuming, so it'd be great for beginners or anyone who struggles applying polish neatly. It's sort of a beige pink, I think it would suit various skin tones. I remember this shade from before. Back when they had black caps, then white caps, now this and the new gel-like ones with bottles thinner in the middle, all lines had a nude shade like this and it was always flattering, easy to use, quick drying, and more durable than the average polish. They seem to just improve the quality of the formula, and I really hope it stays that way. I've plenty left, but I'll get it again sooner or later, I love it.

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