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3 months ago

Ok, it was only $12, but I opened it up to try it on, and when I went to recap it, the lid was 4 sizes too big. Not just a little loose, it didn’t fit at all. Certainly could not keep it in my makeup bag, the lid would be off in one second, and lipliner would be all over everything. Cheap drugstore brands have better fitting caps. The lip liner itself is a pencil form - well, some sort of plastic pencil, anyway - that will need to be sharpened, and I already see problems in the future because of the cap issue. It’s a creamy, soft formula ( 1st ingredient dimethicone ) that glides on easily and wears about as well as most lip liners that are not long wearing. The Pink 2 is a slightly warm medium shade of pink that is flattering. You could wear it with or without lipstick, but I think there is a corresponding lipstick or group of lipsticks for each liner shade. I don’t need lipstick, I have more than enough lipstick, so I didn’t buy any lipstick. I don’t have a thing for KKW, I don’t keep up with or support celebrities, I was just looking for a similar color, and it wasn’t too pricey. I already had a Colourpop pencil in my basket, which was a browner shade of pink, and cost half the price....probably I should have just stuck with that one. I am not sure it’s worth the trouble to return it because of the cap being too big, it was easy enough to find a smaller cap from one of the dozens of other old lip liners I have in my makeup junk drawer....but I will be writing to the company and letting them know that they need to step up on their packaging a little. Proably won’t buy again, or anything else from the line, because of the packaging.

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