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2 months ago

Love it, but would like more for the money. Egg is cute for purse, but not real practical for home use. It’s a little too gimmicky for a prestige brand. I have the original formula. Lightweight and it works. Would never tell anyone how much it costs.

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2 months ago

I have suffered with very dry hands and contact dermatitis for years. My skin is very sensitive to soaps and detergents, and with frequent hand washing my hands wind up being dry, cracked, red, itchy... just horrible. I have tried virtually everything from vitamin and other supplements to calendula balm to products recommended by pharmacists. As I live in France, I have used pretty much every French pharmacy brand - Avene, La Roche Posay, etc. I have tried natural products - i.e. Odylique which is specifically meant to treat eczema. I can't tell you how many times I tried something that was meant to be for cracked skin, fragrance free, for sensitive skin, etc, and it *burned like hell!* The only thing that gave me relief was hydrocortisone cream, which of course is not great to use for extended periods of time. So... I walked into Sephora looking for a a Chanel lipstick, and before I could protest the SA grabbed my hand and started rubbing smoothing something on. At the same time that my brain was going WTF!?... I realised it felt amazing! She was like, I just had to put something on your hands, they're so dry! I was like, I know... what IS that? It was this - the Chanel hand cream 'texture riche'. In all honesty it felt better than anything I have ever put on my hands in my life. And despite the fact that it is highly scented, it did not sting at all. One of the fragrance-free Avene products I tried, specifically for sensitive skin blah blah felt like I had poured acid on my skin. I had to buy this, despite it being way more money than I had ever spent on a hand cream. I made sure to apply it before bed and at least one other time each day, and it completely transformed my hands - healed, smooth, back to having normal skin! I said I would repurchase this. In fact, I repurchased the 'normal' version, not the texture riche, because I felt like I didn't need to continue with the thicker version once my hands were in better condition. So to compare - the texture riche is thicker, really full of shea butter, but it isn't sticky. It dries pretty quickly and has a dry feeling quite quickly, but it doesn't have a lot of slip. I found the best way to use it was to smooth it on, but to not actually try to rub it in. The normal version is thinner and basically a little goes a long way, so I think it's better value and now that my hands are no longer cracked, I will continue using it. What else can I say? - the little egg-shaped tube is weird and the cap is annoying to take off, and I suspect that product gets wasted inside. I would prefer if it came in a more typical tube, but fiddling with the cap is not enough of a problem to stop me from using it. Holy Grail product!

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