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3 months ago

This is amazing. From all the years of searching, I never thought that I would actually meet a bar of soap that I would thoroughly enjoy using. It’s soft, moisturizing, non-irritating, cleans very well without stripping skin, has a beautiful light scent, and to top it all off- it’s pink! Lol. I have actually been searching for a good bar of soap for a decade. Ever since I entered my 20s, I have to be especially cautious of what I put on my skin, because I can very easily end up with irritation, redness, or even a downright allergy. Even though this bar soap is lightly scented, and contains some sort of dye, it has done nothing but good things for my skin. It literally feels like a mini spa treatment every time I use it. It’s even the exclusive soap I use on my face. Aannnd it’s relatively inexpensive. Approximately a dollar a bar. I bought a three bar package and paid $2.99usd before tax. All the money I wasted on buying more expensive soaps and cleansers thinking that they had to be better, I could have been saving so much money had I discovered Camay earlier. Been using for nearly a year and don’t see my self changing any time soon. A winner for sure.

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SkinVery Dry, Fair-Medium, Warm

HairBrown, Straight, Medium