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3 months ago

Packaging : Transparent bottle presents with a splash of coconut water which illustrates well of what is the contain of this hair oil. It comes with spray nozzle which sadly, it does not function that well as I need to press hard (like the nozzle gets stuck somewhere and it does not spray evenly like fine mist) to spray out the hair oil onto my palm - a coin size of oil, not fine mist. Price : Quite pricey but I do not mind buying because I really cannot resist myself from OGX hair products especially hair oil/serum. I bought it online (qoo10) quite sometime ago which again, sadly, the seller, USA Seller no longer exists. Oil Texture : Hey! Do not freak out just because it is oil! OGX claims that it is weighless which is very true and once I spray out the oil onto my palm and start to warm it by rubbing my palms together, it dries up very quickly! So no fear that it might overweight your hair to make it looks like oil slick. It is something very light and hydrating enough. You do not have to worry of over using it if you have hair texture like me - dry, straw and frizzy hair. Scent : Lovely coconut scent - it smell so sweet with warm coconut scent. Anyone who likes coconut by-products will surely falls for this hair oil! It is not overpowering if you are wearing perfume on your body/clothes but just itself alone, can work out well like a hair perfume! Verdict : An overall good performed hair oil with coconut oil, coconut water and electrolytes which in my opinion, it can use alone by itself if you do not use with its matching shampoo and conditioner. I personally need 5 - 6 sprays of oil for my middle length hair which is very dry and untamed. The oil dries up very fast and it means all the coconut goodness can soak up perfectly into the hair cuticles, rather than just sitting on it. Electrolytes is a key ingredient which 'recharge' and hydrate your hair but this oil is not strong enough to prove sufficient moisture and hydration to my hair. It does create a bit of healthy shine (but my hair is still dry, with frizz and tangles abit) on my hair although nothing too amazing as I fantasize so much of hair product commercial kinda mirror shiny hair. This hair oil might not be a hit for someone who really needs moisturizing hair oil for very dry hair because I myself mix using this hair oil with my other types of hair oi (The Body Shop Olive Nourishing Dry Oil, Sephora All-in-One Nourishing Oil followed by this OGX Coconut Water Weighless Hydration Oil and a bit of mineral oil to block the moisture from humid weather to enter into my hair cuticles and reactivate the crazy frizziness. If you are a huge OGX fans like me, you may give this product a try.

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