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5 months ago

I tried this leg mask out of curiosity and when it was on sale. Followed the instructions and was pleasantly surprised. This got most of my hairs off with only a few little patches that I would just shave off. As for the hair growing back slowly, my hair grew back normally more or less. However! I decided to try this on my arms, again out of curiosity. And it worked! No reaction, no breakouts, NOTHING. I have keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin on my upper arms and this mask actually cleared it up for a few days! Admittedly, there was a small sting, but no reactions. Definitely recommend!

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6 months ago

Let me start by saying that I have had disastrous experiences with chemical hair removal products in the past. It was with extreme trepidation, and only after thorough research, that I decided to try this product. I followed the instructions to the letter but left the cream on for the maximum time. The result was hair free legs which lasted about 6-8 weeks until another treatment was necessary. I did get a slight rash in one area which did not reappear when I reduced the time I left the product on the next time. Ingrown hairs were not as much problem as previous hair removal methods including waxing. In the 6 weeks after removing with Nair I only had to exfoliate twice. My legs stayed smooth and with very slow regrowth. It is worth noting that I have quite fine leg hair so results may vary from person to person. My only quibble is that quite a lot of product is needed and a tube will only last 3 applications for me. But compared to the cost of waxing it is a bargain. I would also prefer a pump to a tube as it can get messy applying. As with all chemical hair removal products proceed with caution-I still have scars on my face after using another product 3 months ago.

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